Home Airsoft Loadouts Plate Carrier Setup – Airsoft Loadout Part 1.

Plate Carrier Setup – Airsoft Loadout Part 1.

Plate Carrier Setup – Airsoft Loadout Part 1.

hello everybody and welcome back nice to see you and today I will show you my plate carrier setup so if you are interested just keep watching hello and welcome back nice to see you and as I already mentioned the video today is about my fleet carrier setup so I will show you how I said on my plate carrier and why I did this this way before I start with the plate carrier and maybe you ask yourself what is the common trait you are ranked this common trait is the operator computed by Claudia Kluge is a Austrian manufacturer and we produce clothing and other stuff for military police and special forces so it’s a high quality it has an extra long torso so you can put it deep into your pants and during your playing airsoft it won’t fit about its breathable of course I can put my hit rec inside so of course I can put some pictures yes it’s a normal thing like every other common shirt so now we’ll play carry out the played care I’m wearing right now is a gonna light weight plate carrier by condor the nice thing about this plate carrier is it’s really a low price between 19 and 100 euro but the quality is in my opinion very good the material it’s made of this real Cordura material so if you compare the price and quality of this plate carrier I think it’s a must-have yes and of course the plate carrier comes about the dummy plates inside the dummy plays inside I have our lens a tactical I think also very cheap 10 12 euro for 2 pieces I try to keep a low profile so I don’t want to have too much over here as you can see I think it is this is the minimum and it’s already very very far away from my chest so I try to keep it low but this is for me the minimum I need at the SOP employed in playing a gbbr so yes I don’t I need a lot of neck so I have 6 max one two three four and the fifth one is here and the sixth one is of course in my ass off and the pouches that I’m wearing about tests Tiger so what this is part four in my case this pouch is for BB so I just put my baby’s inside I have a lot of babies here 3,000 or 4,000 and on the right side I have a single to make pistol pouch also back this minute tiger as I already mentioned and in Cristal this must be closer so I can get very quick to my speed loader and if it’s empty I have my babies over here and I just can refill just so I put it back into the pouch I’m gonna stay on the right side and I will tell you why I keep this area free I want to get quick to the pistol if it’s needed so if there are some pouches here you may be you get stuck or you are not fast enough you know if you using a backup of course you have to be fast so just imagine you have the pouch over here you don’t get that quick to do pick up also on the right side is my radio pouch over here there is no radio right now because on the left gameplay I put it into the back of my friend and yes I don’t have it right now on the left side I have also by the semantics of course there’s a lot of storage so yes you can put in whatever you want now it’s empty because I usually put in my water bottle inside because I don’t have a canteen pouch at this moment so first of all I’m using it for water so what’s left now the only things are the front of the plate carrier and yes as you can already see first a fast make it’s not the real fast Makassar F an L I think also 10 euro for two pieces and it works very well let’s go past as the name already says and you can also mount it upside down and you can put your make this way in but you know behind the fastener I have the single neck pouch by desmond taiga and yes it’s also very good and you get also very quick to the magazine so it’s very easy the prix played pretty well and you’ll have an adjustable stretch over here so you can make it tighter and breast a lot of space inside in this pouch so i think every kind of ar-15 max will fit into this and also cheaper t6 max no problem so if any of the pouches or the plate carrier itself or mine combo shirt if you may be interested in this I have put some links into the description and that you will find every product that I’m wearing right now so this this is the easy way maybe I gave you a little inspiration how to set up your plate carrier and if you liked it please leave a like believe it dislike if you didn’t like and if you want to see more or don’t want to miss anything you can also subscribe hope you have a good day and we see us in the next video bye


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