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Plastic Motives – Episode 1 – Will Pace @ Black Ops Airsoft


Hey guys Will from Black Ops Airsoft and Bristol Wisconsin. Tell you a little bit about the field. I started off in Beach Park. I used to own a mini golf course. Unfortunately, nobody mini-golf’s anymore so I decided to try paintball. I opened up a paintball field put some pallets up put some barrels built couple little bunkers. Not one person came out. Basically, some guys came out one day. I was already planning on closing, talked to the city about it and some guys wanted to try airsoft.I said “go for it” I wasn’t going to charge them. They came out and played they wanted to come back the next weekend that’s them okay I’m gonna play them next weekend I played it was I had a great time so I don’t know anything about it I wanted to get one to keep my mission Golf Course open so I tried to Marisa never knowing airsoft would ever be a thing what ended up happening was I found a guy through another guy through another guy so basically I got a hold of Cobra airsoft Legion tweeting and he gave me in touch with another guy in a Dan still no clothes nada Mitch goth for us moving their soft field to bigger better place in Zion I was in Zion for a few years wanted to grow got busy couldn’t fellow my customers on their property so I wanted to go somewhere else so after about two three years search I finally found the location I’m at now in Bristol is gossip here in Bristol we have a hundred nine acres total the field is actually 101 acres exactly we have to say that just again have the 100-plus field we have about sixty large buildings 60 large buildings in this first city alone we’ve got three bridges now then the plan is to get eight more bridges then we got we gotta have a moat around a five acre parcel and then we have a river going through of course you have to get across them not getting you waist-deep in water vehicle idea there’s a vehicle out there is that is that operational or is that something you’re gonna be using yes we do have vehicles we use those on Sundays when teams are unbalanced and every big event so basically we have five vehicles right now already that are reversed we did give two to each side we have a fifth on first pair they’re just vehicle determined gun trucks how many technicals we do eventually want to get some things in your bets that’s a lot of that’s a lot of welding and building for that but that is what we’re going to be doing this year for sure Ike you’ve seen this every year I can promise
you that we are going to have targets on the top these vehicles about yay big and if you shoot this little circle out of that target it’s gonna release a switch and it’s gonna kill the ignition so you can even when they pull out a weapon or single shot weapon you can shoot that target and it’s able to vehicle out a grenade launcher without grenades so now we do have RV parking you started setting it up for events we’re gonna get that for the last bit of that we had yeah we do have camp sites over here we are putting in a beach later than that like what why do you why do you run this feel like why do you why are you in business to do this okay I run blackout’s airsoft because I love this hot growing up who wouldn’t want to build forward to play on me freely especially what I’m doing we’ve been with your party five like me to come out play army sometime for sure I’ve got a guy that’s like 68 me tied military need loves it comes out every other weekend I I love to play I’m a player I play I play every Saturday this is like last like a year you’re happy there are more honor a lot of options out there so you look like it’s your stuff is there stuff gaining the popularity right now you think this thing is on a resurgence I think it did dwindle for some reason if L get the middle last year at least all the fill owners I’m talking to we all thought it do it last year but for me I visited going up since 2018 the end of the year I mean even now or really player counts I just can’t even cash this time of year another head would even well 180 people up 80 yesterday I mean today we got like 80 would say bad for a 35° video Sunday first a hobby I’d say support but that’s poor technically push the hobby to make this grow so we can start getting more bigger better fields all over the place I mean around here I think there’s about a field every hour for me in every direction some hats when I started 10 years ago there was me and two of the guys now there’s like seven maybe 2015 was like the height of popularity for a while and everyone was like not rich and I was like all these youtube stars and then it kind of look we got kind of like desensitizer burnt out on it as like a maybe it’s on the player I did a little bit is that field stop growing and we stopped giving people new things to do or I know I got a little stale so we especially well you said you say that but like every time I came out here there was a change in the field
like every single time so like I mean I loved all the fields in the area you have a lot of great fields around here but like every time I came out here it was there something new there’s a new bill that went up or down and it changed I mean you can just take one building out there and it changes the entire the gameplay for the entire town I have a standard still I leave it a few months ago I finally got a draw I’m actually happy to feel even a few months ago as the owner I was starting to get bored of playing my own and now we’re out of the junkyard add a few more buildings where they need to go I actually took apart some of the buildings I’ve already had and I change the rooms around I’m actually I’m having way more fun I need a few months to to rebuild the field the way I should have it’s definitely a personal thing for me or I couldn’t imagine after doing this I wouldn’t ever be happy to anything else ya know some Saturdays come out and do role play so we’re we’re doing three hours straight games start in April again but everyone’s bugging me for which I’m dying to do a good those are my favorite games and then you guys stopped as I’m sunny you guys come on play fifteen minute twenty minute capsule fly up something for everybody all I do I look I wake up in the morning I get excited to start my day I’m like oh man oh stuff us along today and then you guys just feel the story like we just this just opened like last week writer than me before we open the story our new store open December 1st okay well this we try to get this done for about two years a lot of rules and regulations I mean just get the permit took a year in the cockpit to my opinion yes for a one-stop shop don’t have everything that you might want yet but our goal is to keep keep brawling the store it’s huge store we have that mean you have everything in there that anyone we need to play pretty much in there it’s it’s it’s pretty good in there Margaret American Milson deal yeah sure I am I am officially partners the American Wilson that’s huge I’m unfortunately you have to look at my my competitor the ufs flag every here going up my cup so I’m not looking for today I’m huge green team supporter all the time so I love cost next year I’m gonna win that one even if had the bright you lose what I’m gonna be doing I really hope everybody sees this part of the video what we’re gonna be doing is we’re we doing Wilson mill set whatever local feel to the
highest level possible I’m gonna have thousands of dollars with the electronic props bombs timers domination cubes I want to keep everybody busy at all times able to do domination games with with lineup cubes and different parts of the field every weekend on sentence I want you to come out it’s a three hour game you come out you’re checking with your commander you look on the whiteboard every Saturday you see a radio frequency to your bingo thing for your team has changes every week you know about that talk to anybody asking buddy you guys want you guys on the same page I want you guys to put it in your radio I’m you talk to your commander there’s a paid commanders get a same one every Saturday pertaining for patan team and Green Team and I want you guys to have a full new experience every weekend that you guys want to come out and you can happen a vehicle I want to have some prize helicopter visits we don’t even know them coming and he just comes out for an hour or two and you can eat I will just have to jump it on the helicopter it’s definitely a personal thing for me or I couldn’t imagine after doing this I would ever be happy to anything else


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