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PDT-Tech Airsoft Protective Gear

PDT-Tech Airsoft Protective Gear

dr. aerosol for airsoft medicine you know sometimes when you play airsoft people wear no protection at all and others where a lot of protection we are products sent to us by PDT tech practical defense technologies and they include quarter package that’s actually met for simunition so we want to talk about that today the package includes a padded hood the Force One airsoft mask or actually it’s a paintball mask by JT with a grill installed in it this mask is a JT face mask but in addition to having a high-end mask with the dual pane thermal lens which really cuts down on fogging you also have this fabric grill in front of it to help prevent bb’s from getting through the holes here that we’ve seen happen with some of the other JT mass so this is by far all you would ever need for a protection and face protection in airsoft it even comes all the way around gets the ears and then they put in their own little pad in the back of the head that velcro’s on to the strap of the JT mask then you come down to the neck protector chest protector groin protector what they call hand armor what they call hand armor is a pair of gloves but it does have extra padding back here in the dorsum of the hand and also of the fingers and the thumb and the entire package includes a marking knife with some marking fluid this is available on their website which is PDT hyphen techcom and we have the link in the description below you can buy the whole package it comes in a nice carry bag tactical bag and we’re going to see how it works on the field your weapons are you worthless against me humans you need to get better weapons or something remember kids doctor airsoft would never get inside to one of these suits and allow himself to be shot like this for safety reasons but I’m a little crazier rangemaster Larry doesn’t mind being the crash test dummy for this one so my take on it is it’s it’s reasonably comfortable if you don’t want to look like something from outer space you could wear this thing under your gear and frankly it’s probably not for everyone if you don’t let us say let’s say you you like me have a day job as a Chippendales dancer and you don’t want welts all over your belly well this would be the kind of thing to wear to keep those nasty ugly unsightly welts from you while at the same time you can you can feel it you can tell you you’re being hit so you could call your hits so have your dead rag at the ready meanwhile SB 199 is a threat to California airsoft not just California but potentially airsoft across the country so I advise you to keep informed by checking the airsoft medicine weblog where we have legislative updates okay that’s all for now folks and remember to subscribe to the airsoft medicine channel


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