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Palco FAMAS Airsoft AEG Gun Rifle 40901 – Thor’s Pick

Palco FAMAS Airsoft AEG Gun Rifle 40901 – Thor’s Pick

hey guys Thor here and today we’re talking about the palkó FAMAS now this is a bullpup design rifle so you have your full-length barrel that has run through the body to your rear chamber behind the pistol grip this was an issue designed in France by Paul Tilly used primarily by French military and law enforcement although other countries do use it now that’s real the real version of this rifle has seen action in the Gulf War the Bosnian war and up until today in Afghanistan this is a very lightweight rifle I would definitely recommend it for beginners that want to get into a bullpup design comes with one high-capacity magazine very well made it has a large charging handle easy to use sights everything about it is very smooth and easy to use you have your fold away bipod you can use has the full metal outer barrel so you do get some weight to it it feels good in your hand it fires the trigger responds very well so overall very good and even though I’m not a huge bullpup design fan this is still very comfortable to use I like the foregrip and the pistol grip the way it’s designed to economically fit your fingers and they’re large so people with larger hands aren’t going to be having your fingers compressed together on the bumps you’re actually gonna be able to spread them out and grip it very comfortably the selector switch easy to reach with your non-shooting hand in the rear and your mag release is easy it’s almost like grabbing another pistol grip and pull them a trigger to release your mag as well so against the palco FAMAS go ahead and check it out on air supply.

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