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(Outdated) Airsoft Marine Corps Loadout Impression Kit

(Outdated) Airsoft Marine Corps Loadout Impression Kit

Hey there guys, Cloud here. I’ve just decided I’m going to do an airsoft loadout. I haven’t done one before but this is finally my first semi-completed kit semi as in I’m missing 3 things. Just to start off, this is a Marine Corps impression.

This is as close to 1:1 I can get but of course I’m not a Marine, I don’t know exactly what they wear I am not running any EGAs on me. So… I’m NOT trying to be a Marine, I AM not a Marine, so I am not wearing anything that signifies that I am a Marine.

Just to put that out there. For starters, we’ve got the gun. It’s an A&K M16A4 with a MOSFET to make it three-round burst I’m running a 6.01 Madbull barrel in it will be getting an R-Hop unit for this.

I want to run an 11.1v LiPo, but right now I’m running a 7.4v I’m running a G&P 4x ACOG and a Lonex A2 High-Torque for snappier response. That’s it for the gun, onto the gear. I’ve got a PASGT helmet it is a real one, I like the little bit of weight just helps it feel, not fake at all.

I do not have a Lightweight Helmet, I want to get a LWH if you guys know where to find a good cheap one, let me know. I’m running a night-vision mount, I cannot remember the name of it for the life of me, I can put a link in the description below.

Underneath that, I’ve got ESS goggles because as well all know, eye-pro is EXTREMELY important when it comes to airsoft. Moving down, I’ve got a shemagh. It’s a good neck protector keeps your neck cold, keeps it warm, depending on what climate you’re playing in.

On to this. Plate carrier. I am running an Emerson SPC I can put the link in the description there as well. Got 2 pistol mags My pistol is actually M.I.A. right now, so I have no idea what happened to it.

So I would be wearing my SERPA on me for my 1911, but like I said, I don’t have it, so there’s no point to wearing the SERPA So we’ve got two mags, do not remember the make of the pouch. I’m running 5 G&P mid-caps, about 180 rounds.

And I’m running 2 more. 3 more, actually. 2 more mid-caps and one high-cap. I only use that high-cap for absolute necessary, “I’m out of complete ammo, I need something else.” and I use that in my Condor drop-leg.

I’m also running; a little bit lower, running my kneepads, do not remember those, you can buy them on eBay for like, 10 bucks. and these are pretty much what you’re supposed to be wearing for this type of loadout.

I’m running a CamelBak hydration system. Just a standard Condor hydration pouch with a deployment bag on the back I use that for extra bbs, gas, speed loaders, everything that I don’t have extra pouches for but I need to keep back there.

Now, hydration’s really importnant, so not only am I running the CamelBak, I am also running a canteen in my canteen holster. Right behind that, I’m running an IFAK system, This is really mainly just my untility pouch that I’m using it for.

I do run band-aids, stichtes, sutures the liquid band-aid stuff, hydrogen-peroxide, tape, scissors; anything you really need Not saying I’m going to be “medicing” somebody, or they’re going to be “medicing” me as the IFAK would be used for but you never know what’s going to happen in airsoft.

I’ve seen some nasty gashes on people’s faces and arms. So, if they need a band-aid or whatnot, I’ve got them covered. Cammies I’m running. I’m running a FROG upper. FROG upper, combat shirt. It’s extremely comfortable.

What’s crazy about it is it actually works pretty well in cold weather. I was playing a game today, actually out at a Forney field I play at in Forney, Texas. It’s a free-to-play range if you guys live in the Forney area or around that in Texas.

You should check it out, it’s every other Sunday. Check out the forum and I’ll put a link to that too. You might notice that these are a little off-colored from the pants. The pants are not FROGs, I will be getting FROGs soon.

For some reason they almost have a pinkish hue to them To me it looks pinkish, but it could be just a deeper tan. Because it looks a bit darker than the pants. The pants are real they are just not FROGs.

Things I’m missing. Like I said, a LWH, I am missing Oakley gloves, which i should be getting pretty soon. And on the back I’m going to replace this Condor with a Flyye MBSS Just because it makes it look TACTI-COOL.

Other than that, nothing but morale patches, got my HelloKitty Gotta have a tactical HelloKitty. And… that pretty much covers it. If you have any comments, I’d love to hear them if you have any sort of advice you would like to give me to help me complete this loadout completely.

That would be much appreciated too. This has been, Cloud. Signing off.


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