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Our Airsoft Loadout

Our Airsoft Loadout

hey guys this is the NJ airsoft team this is our first video we’re going to show you our load out for today we’re going to get more guns it’s close to Christmas probably going to get some for Christmas and we share this account so like I might make a videos like on my own and he might make some videos on his own yeah it by himself yes but most most likely will be most of our videos will be together and we’re going to do shooting tests reviews unboxings and most of the guns today yeah let’s get to the load up and we’re on to our first gun the g36c I got it off HobbyTron for about thirty dollars pretty cheap um this is this is a cheap plastic area abs yeah um about 30 bucks and there was a up a barrel here but I hitting into a wall accident and it came with a crappy a call acog scope yeah have that upstairs it anecdote I got two mags cuz and it’s realistic to it’s not really holds many but I like the realistic features oh yeah and um all-round it’s not really bad for like a first gun but i prefer like a better one and you can holding stocks who will put up reviews for most of these guns yep all right now the next gun is the m4a1 this was my first gun um I have two Meg’s for this one also the back part broke off because my brother sat on it and this one’s broken right now because like there’s a dirt all in the barrel I don’t know if you guys yeah there’s dirt on that so you can’t I can’t fire it and plus I don’t even know where the battery is for it oh all right now the next gun the Thomson to Simon Thompson submachine gun it came with the slinger green sling slowly playing in the woods yep saw the camera move it yep um this is a homo fully metal clips get the guns full metal imitation wood it’s got a charging handle it does non working though like it doesn’t really charge a BB in there well but it’s a hike a podcast you wind it at the bar and it’s extremely sturdy on your gun yeah it’s durable uh here’s my pistol it’s plastic get broke after like the week it’s it hard you got this rumor I was blowback it was like 20 bucks it explains why I broke easily crap you um now onto current sniper this is my sniper I got this re evite com I’ll put up the website probably agree with the video right here okay all right um well this gone it hun calls me $105 and it did not even come with a scope if you don’t even come to the scope book if you if you wanna if you want to get some money off you didn’t even use a coupon code cult yeah you and I also have a sniper it’s getting fixed right now this the sculpt came to separately 35 bucks evike uh I get all my guns remove all right now this is just our equipment for now tactical vests can hold some mags in their pistol holster cell phone or whatever I got a pretty cheap silencer it came with the pistol isn’t do [ __ ] though yeah that’s pretty bad two masks those curtains mine I have two masks but I can only find one for now I got this from my local sporting goods store yeah this and this is my ghillie suit it’s not the whole thing it’s just the headpiece I don’t feel like carrying the whole thing down because um it’s like really messy I’ve leaves on the legs and body but the head doesn’t really have many lake there’s one leaf there all right that’s our whole airsoft loadout um we’ll be getting more guns in the future so like I said christmas is coming yeah yes was about to say please comment rate and subscribe yeah we’ll be putting out more airsoft videos in the future yep quick rush of all the guns that’s pretty much it bye


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