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Operation Copperhead Loadout- Airsoft Obsessed

Operation Copperhead Loadout- Airsoft Obsessed

what’s up guys it’s Dave from airsoft obsessed here and well spring breaks over which means it’s back to work back to business that also means we have less than one week away from American Milsons Operation Copperhead taking place in playas in New Mexico now I am super excited to be going to this AAB it’s gonna be the first time that I understand that airsofters have ever been allowed to play at this AO I get a lot of questions here self obsessed asking about all kinds of things but some of the most asked questions are about gear so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna highlight the gear that I’m gonna be running at this year’s Operation Copperhead starting down at my feet first off I’m going running some Salomon XA Pro trail running shoes now it just picked these up recently and of course as we all know Salomon has a reputation that precedes themselves these shoes are super comfortable next since I’m running cost for this off that means I’m gonna be on the green side and I wonder where some nice green camis so for that I went ahead and got myself some Navy working to form tight threes the end of you type threes now essentially these are pretty much a bar to foot just by a different name next I’ll be rolling the hsgi battle belt the no-slip battle belt now I’ve been running this belt for over a year and I am super satisfied with it this is one of those pieces of gear that when other things change this always seems to stay the same I have no reason to replace it therefore I’m gonna keep running it and you’ll see on here that I’ve got hsgi tacos as well as an M dum-dum pouch and now for the plate carrier I’m running a cry 80s and tan as you can see around the cumberbund I’ve got a general purpose pouch I’ve got a very nice Kydex holster that was made for me by the guys over at next-level tactical custom for my okay 45 which is my sidearm of choice whenever I have a choice that’s the sidearm I’m running I’ve got the three mag pouch front panel working around I’ve also got the hsgi soft taco which can fit two mags can fit some smoke grenades like I’ve got in there now’s and Enola Gay smoke grenades or you know a bottle of Gatorade or a bottle of water it easily fits there it’s one of those pouches that is very versatile and you can use it for many different applications on the back panel I am running a big hydration carrier and that’s about it on the back for now comm wise running the bowel Fang radio and with that I am running the coat red throat mic headset gloves I am running tan mechanics wear gloves these gloves are super comfy and well they just work now up to my noggin I am running a team Wendy LTP bump helmet now you’re probably thinking what the heck is wrong with this thing well according to the American Milton rules your cover has to match whatever faction that you’re running so since I don’t cost and it’s the green side you have to make sure that your your cover is green now I wasn’t gonna go out and spray paint my LTP but what I did is I got a team Wendy helmet cover and just spray painted it and thanks to airsoft ology for the idea on doing that I think he did that at one of the previous office and I was like dude there you go no-brainer so thanks to Jonathan I Pro I am running the Voodoo tactical goggles now I’ve had these for a while and there are a great thermal goggle now I looked the other day on the internet and it seems that these are discontinued which I kind of see is a bummer because I mean at the price point these guys are at somewhere around the $60 range these have been like the best performing goggles I’ve ever used and I’m kind of bummed that they’re not making them anymore so you have some hold on to them and for face protection I am running a wire mesh face protection from the guys over at ASG and lastly my primary as anybody who follows me knows they know that I am a bonafide HK addict or whatever you want to call it I just about everything HK that goes from airsoft and also into the Real Steel world as well so for this off I am running my hk416 limited edition in what they call bro drab I’ve got the gmpd bow on there to use with my night vision I’ve got a replica geotech I have the enforced light up front I like the enforced it’s a small light it’s thumb activated it also has an ir function so that’s gonna do it for my kit for Operation Copperhead hopefully you’re one of the few people who get to make it and if you are if you see me on the field please stop by and say hi because we do appreciate each and every one of you out there until next time we’ll see you


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