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Oper8durr: Anthony’s Load-Out

Oper8durr: Anthony’s Load-Out

hey every got everybody what’s up my name is Anthony today on operator we’re gonna be going over my loadout generally the dude who answers your questions on Facebook and does all the stuff on the website alright we’re gonna go through my stuff alright so we’re gonna start off with my first line my first language here is a hsgi sure-grip battle belt mounted on my shirt great battle belt I have a handmade glue for style double stack magnet holds two m4 mags I have an SDS industry’s single 203 shell holder for a quicker reload for my 203 I do have one piece of condor gear all of the gear nosed out they’re gonna cry a little but I do have a condor rolling dump pouch mainly because my issued dump pouch just blew out and so I needed to replace it and this was at a game and it was cheap we will not forgive you Anthony it’s fine I have on the back I have a blue force gear GP pouch which I’ve turned into a knife AK which I use just an S clip to hold it shut and it is a fully stacked IFAC it’s got QuikClot gloves all scissors all of the fun stuff on this side I have a single tactical tailor general-purpose munitions pouch mainly for smokes and stuff I use it for my thunder be then on this side I have my kwa m9 mounted in a Serpa made by Black Hawk industries on my knees I run all two knee pads I have had these since the dawn of time they haven’t one has a nail stuck in it they’re good knee pads they’re super cheap and they’ll last you for a while and these kind of smells bad alright so now we’re gonna take a look at my second line gear I run a tactical Assault gear banshee rifle play carrier made by Shellback tactical in the front I have a blue force gear 10 speed triple and I also have a pharaoh concepts Kydex insert for my cummerbund along the side I have backup grenades for my 203 this is a Blackhawk industries OD 203 pouch and then on this side I have an ATS general-purpose pouch I keep all kinds of weird stuff and you’re like dead rags multi-tools food zip ties all of the other essentials on the back side of the plate carrier I have mounted a Ares armor pack 7 I believe it’s a quick detach pack it has four ITW fast ex buckles on it that allowed to drop off of my plate carrier and then I also have a secondary retention system where I’ve used the extra strapping from the Banshee to cinch it down to my gear it has spots built in for six magazines on the back for Buddy mags it also has on the interior spots for apec one one seven Radio brick as well as a three liter Camelback ladder in here I’m running a Osprey hydration carrier it’s got parts that are OEM by Nalgene and I’m also carrying my tank and my regulator for my Polar Star in the back part of the play carrier I have food and extra first-aid equipment that I can’t carry on my first line as well as one more food on the inside of the plate carrier just in case it’s a rarity that I ever use it but it’s there just in case on the inside of the play carrier on the inside of the cummerbund I have two more sets of blue force gear mag pouches I have three on that side and I have an identical set on the other side this set is actually hand-stitched by a friend of mine so it’s not actual blue force gear but it’s all IR spec nylon so I keep it because it was something we tried to do and it never made it next thing we’re gonna talk about is my helmet I run a real ops core fast bump helmet on the inside I have my goggles run through my suspension system so I don’t have to run the swivel clips on the side I run ESS profile goggles they’re great I’ve had dozens of them issued to me and I run them all the time I don’t have any problems with them mounted on the helmet itself I have a contour camera I have an action mic fan set that I run through the helmet to help keep my goggles from fogging and then on the other side I have a surefire helmet light that has red white and an IR strobe for iff at night when I’m wearing my helmet generally if I can get my radio to work I have a headset my radio is generally run on the outside of my backpack and in Eagle industries in bitter pouch if I can get it to work I run it generally it doesn’t work so I don’t but I have I run my headset through my helmet as well generally we roll on green team so what I have in front of me is generally what we wear when we’re on Green Team we like to wear woodlands as you can see I’m wearing my woodland combat shirt I really like comes tru-spec and then also when I’m running with my team from Ohio because that’s where I’m originally from we generally run flight suits and I have a tan in an OD flight suit that I run as well they’re very comfortable I really like them you should probably try it out all right some of the other little bonus gear that I have on me my go-to gloves are usually mechanic’s wear gloves I’ve been wearing them since my deployment in 2004 I’ve only worn out about two other sets of these so they last a long time they’re relatively cheap and you can get them just about anywhere like Hampton or soft calm I also always I I’ve ditched military-style boots in favor of more hiking style boots so they’re more comfortable they’re a little bit better on my knees and back what I generally run is I wear I wear vasc trekkers there are gore-tex they’re waterproof and currently I probably have about three or four thousand miles on them and then to accompany those everybody needs to get a good set of socks these are $15 smart wool brand hiking socks that keep your toes comfy they keep you from getting blisters everybody should go get some good socks to keep your feet warm when they’re wet and they’re incredible it’s a good it’s a good deal for $15 the next thing we’re gonna do is we’re talk about my gun real quick we’re just going to go over it real fast I have a Polar Star installed in a GMP body mountain on my Polar Star I have AV f c/e GLM I have a Phoenix TK 15 weapon light with a pressure switch I saved my sure fires for my real steel weapons I don’t run nice lights on my BB guns cuz they’ll get shot out and I don’t want them destroyed I have flip-up backup iron sights I have a Trijicon ACOG with a 4x optical zoom this is actually a replica as much as I’d like to run my real Trijicon on my gun I’m not gonna do it and then I also have a side saddle pouch on the side general I keep red rags in there but I also have a quick-detach suppressor for my flash hider it just pops on and off so in case I need to go quiet coming out of the bottom I gotta have a an amped airsoft grip line it’s very flexible it keeps my gun for it keeps the air line from kinking whenever I’m running I’m holding my gun in weird positions and as you can see it has a custom paint job because I like to uh I like to spray paint all of the things that I own last but not least on the back I have a Magpul fixed most stock it’s non collapsing but since I only run a buffer tube lipo to power my Polar Star I don’t need it to move and it’s incredibly comfortable and it’s the cheapest stock that Magpul sells so there you go all right well this is Ben Anthony again advanced airsoft check us out on Facebook Twitter YouTube email us at sales at amp tire saath kaam check out the rest of our videos by following this link right in this region right here and have a good night


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