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OP TIWINZA 3 [Part 2] | Airsoft gameplay Peru [SPA/ENG Subs]

OP TIWINZA 3 [Part 2] | Airsoft gameplay Peru [SPA/ENG Subs]

Location: TIWINZA | Role: RIFLEMAN SITREP: CUEVA DE LOS TAYOS has not been captured yet. “Want it?” [Team]: Thanks “We need a knife to open that shit” [Team]: You have him there [Team]: Dead [Team]: I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead [Team]: He already moved [Team]: One left “Anyone want some water?” “Thanks, thanks” “Let’s go, we got to recover” “They’re still there” “How’s it going Victor?” Victor [Team]: Come closer “Let’s take the opportunity that they’re distracting them and we move to the right” Victor [Team]: OK, attack, attack, attack! [Team]: Attack! Victor [Team]: Attack! Go! Go! Go! Go! [Team]: There’s one behind here [Team]: I see one “OK wait” Victor [Team]: Rossi, Rossi if you want move to that wall [Team]: You can advance here “OK, I’ll advance” [Team]: He’s dead! He’s dead! ELIMINATED [Team]: Advance [Team]: Careful “Someone suppress and I advance” [Team]: Hey, advance Ganto [Team]: OK, cover me! “OK I cover!” Shonobi [Team]: Giancarlo Shinobi [Team]: They’re shooting from the house’s corner “Copy” Snihobi [Team]: Careful that they peek from the house’s corner “Yes” Shinobi [Team]: Giancarlo, hey, careful with the house’s corner “They’re here as well” “Yeah mate.

I know where I can cover myself” “We got friends over there” “OK, Carlos is up” “We can climb here” “Yes” ENEMY ELIMINATED “Climb!” Shinobi [Team]: Right! “Covering” Shinobi [Team]: Climb! “I’m covering!” Shinobi [Team]: Who climbs? Climb! Hey, come on! Shinobi [Team]: Come on! Up! “Going” Shinobi [Team]: Come on! “Heck” Shinobi [Team]: OK, come on! Shinobi [Team]: Come on! Victor [Team]: Sami, OK [Team]: Careful “I don’t know, I don’t see anything” “Where’s the yellow cone?” “What do we do mate?” [Team]: Did he hit you? Carlos [Team]: He looked at us.

He already saw us [Team]: He’s behind Carlos [Team]: There’s one… “OK Sami, there’s one there” Victor [Team]: There’s 2 here mate” “A grenade over this would be…” Victor [Team]: Sami, he’s gonna hit you Sami [Team]: I already hit him “Sami already hit him” “No” Sami [Team]: There’s someone there? “Yes, there’s one in the corner” [Team]: Sami, can you hit the one over there? Sami [Team]: There’s one talking but I dont have him “That was a Skull mate” “He got to reinforce that flank” “There’s one of ours here” Victor [Team]: Ours? “Yeah, he was right here, I almost die mate” [Team]: You have to advance [Team]: Help Shinobi [Team]: OK guys “Sami, check your left corner” “OK, I’ll check the corner, OK? “OK, the corner is clear” Shinobi [Team]: Advance! [Team]: Go up Shinobi [Team]: There’s one behind the tree [Team]: What tree? Shinobi [Team]: From the respawn’s little house, to the left Shinobi [Team]: At the height of the blue flag Shinobi [Team]: You saw him! “They gotta get out of there.

What is he doing standing up, that moron?” “I don’t have a visual. Oh, OK, blue flag, right tree” “Yes” “To my right” Shinobi [Team] Who wants to run right now? Who wants to run? [Team]: Go with the Chino, go with him! [Team]: Advance! Shinobi [Team]: No one advances on the other side “Who advances other here?” Shinobi [Team]: Check, Giancarlo “I advance through here, don’t I? Through the left?” Shinobi [Team]: In angle, cover, check from there, locate him, try to locate him “Heck” “He’s to the right of the blue flag, behind a tree” ELIMINATED SITREP: CUEVA DE LOS TAYOS has been captured SITREP: Preparation for the second phase initiates.

“How are we going?” SECOND PHASE | OBJECTIVE: Capture BASE SUR “Let’s go Aguilas” “Oh I saw them” [Team]: Where? “Observation tower to our 1” “And they’re around there” “Observation tower” [Team]: You know what happens? [Team]: If we have to advance up there.

.. Victor [Team]: What’s making the noise? “Up” [Team] The fucked part will be to go down “Heck” [Team]: Really. But if we win that, we win everyting “Of course” [Team]: Now, let’s go knowing we won’t shoot.

We’ll just climb and once up there in position, we take all that “OK, copy” [Team]: Let’s go [Team]: Where do we have to go? [Team]: You see there? “To the top” [Team]: OK, to the maximun top [Team]: We’ll go over there.

Don’t shoot, don’t worry on shooting “He’s already hit” “And near the wall?, to the…” [Team]: Careful [Team]: OK, everyone point at him “I don’t think it’ll reach” “Hey, and we advance to the mountain’s slope?” “Like this” Victor [Team]: Bring a cone! “We’ve taking this position, we can bring it.

.. bring it here” “Bring the orange ones!” [Team]: Bring the orange one first, it’s clear to put it, their shots don’t reach us “Take advantage of the wind to advance” “Take advantage of the wind” “Heck” “There’s a lot to the other side.

Yes, far away” ELIMINATED


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