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Op Bantam Part 4 Stirling Airsoft Uk Milsim

Op Bantam Part 4 Stirling Airsoft Uk Milsim

shall walk back to par for from still near soft rock bouncing we have now gone into the second day the off and the first thing in the morning we’ve been gettin hammered from buildings 18 and 12 so 0 Alfred has orders to go out and retake them go on Ritchie son ready somebody so Richie Jordan Tim me what’s there well as we break out to the building we start getting taken out on the approach to the ball I instantly move into covert camera medic is right a lot of stay alive my priority now is try and get as many guys back in as fast as I can out of the vehicle sort of up before us suppress stuff for him bill really but you can keep medical right yeah yeah wait there what’s the bar boy what’s my boy just stay there in a minute my last tub my lost time electronic Marcial con right I’ve got one out [ __ ] I’m coming up I’ll be back in I’ll cover that top window get ready to go in I’m gonna get this guy here well I’m looking to go hear him up top yep Shiva losing the cover yeah stable right-hand side no doorway it’s clear she left the finally taking controller building 18 and 12 we start pushing out through the woods and going into different buildings checking for enemy my thinking if my team if you want to run out I’ll kill you left if you run up I’ll run behind ya okay pop smoke will just run billing to you about this building to the left – enemy no seeum Sturken all second enemy are they it’s wonder than the world boy you’ve got no weapons slot it’s landed on the right hand side good thanks little lady go outside the Pope Eugene and me outside the Pope be aware for civilians I stay for it the guy at the doors just sold us that this is a hotel so we begin to search the rooms for any and sell on IEDs we shall push up baby kerosene oh you cheat on me now I think mommy won now see there Steve Eugene eight models come on across and I’ll perform let me get pictures let me get pictures how many blokes it in there in that room no one else No we have now discovered the hotel owned it in the end room but in the first room to the left there’s an IE d and ie D vest a K a sniper rifle with night-vision scope and there’s also now bomb just left of the door oh this man right here yeah his father owned the most camels in the whole in the whole of United Kingdom look whole not um so this is my hotel and we’re not we don’t allow people in other people’s rooms right okay well that’s the hotel owner Richie Rich 3 mama left funny the footage actually cuts off here I don’t know why but what happens is Richie goes and speaks the hotel owner and he gets as much information out of my music on Tom who’s been staying there and any info on in selling may of see it a while for them radios was in and tells us to drop back to building twelve and secure it because we’re too far away from the task force as Reardon building swells we start getting contacted from the woods we can’t really get a good shot through the trees so we decided to push out and form a line to defend ourselves yeah I’m not seeing anything yeah as we are about to go on the itza ndex gets called well that’s it for this series just I’d say big thanks to the lads from shadow ops for letting me run with them again a big shout to stay on their cell for another amazing weekend I can’t wait the next are so stay tuned for that footage if you want any info on this up or future games Gong check out still an airsoft website I’ll put a link in the description if you’d enjoyed this series please leave a like in a comment and stay tuned for the next video you


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