Home Airsoft Funny Moments OP airsoft, teams FSJ 39 & GIA Alsace, multi scénarios

OP airsoft, teams FSJ 39 & GIA Alsace, multi scénarios

OP airsoft, teams FSJ 39 & GIA Alsace, multi scénarios

start again start I haven’t seen I haven’t filmed month come on yeah it’s points it’s for the glory and posterity the fraction that is going out first it’s good impressions starting a little personal revenge it’s sweating yeah with david haye only have leaders so yes we get in the bunker everything basically they have the right the automaton lets the advances we will get behind no but they have already judged they will arrive said go ahead behind the gold at the start of that we are already running a go the French beats in puzzle kodak patent refill he goes back to singing advance advance I feel good me rabbit rabbit go a little thin lie to the rise of the arts and go up go up illegal and grenade me never go blues it’s not me here is good david was silent where we stopped the car that they are behind us there battle behind the chosen junior I’m not immediately worried if there is someone to contact which planet the bomb led to the east not and to the left to the high road to gide I filmed everything for months in his name, at the same time the art makes us feel we have seen the distance well yeah I know nothing well yes yes you can Marseille try one we have to settle our aftershocks go ahead run a little slow bread someone old in the process of such death approach them no but there are people in the pine forest to run the end then the ipad right off fn no it’s in front of me yakhi in the bunker there you’re all alone with the pallet there on the left the big one the hold and we play here are these juniors that would be nice Bastien I see you they have trouble moving forward you are not the hostage when you are three there the guys runs there, beat the ace not christmas with we are waiting for him he does not shoot we need but with the miss you have the right to save yourself the hostage, did you see a menard? pulled marbles you saw it you backed away welcome yes oh damn it’s good I stay in my place to the moss for that i find a nice arda he is well hung madrasas mining there someone for you narcos someone at stake in the fucking exec immaturity cola and well he got me good lit autumn gesture you have it a way it turned me on at the end you took a liking to it to bah yeah because only that which exceeded the pallet wishes the head no novelty or else it takes a little action we need suicide bombers and finally six or more and go up to the retirement you did not go out he is sure and aim is what you see what he’s a sniper, not the paddles on the left, yeah there are four paddles pallets go ahead in the meantime we must secure the path babouche month kolo once in the assault and fox you see the pallets where it moves introducing a brown dress no actor and damn not always at stake he is so rising clean game and invested in the dicks made the guys see current yesterday what is baïla august from bastien maison of 6.

6 and if he wants to get back into play too yeah yes i am a battle I have room in front of me it hurts but if you want more wind we ain’t nothing just hello nothing except things not his first in the head fields do not have so in the sacred helmet that I am waiting but its striking then I did everything I did my charger fell in ouidah August


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