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OneTigris Mesh Mask Review//Callsign: Reach Airsoft Gear

OneTigris Mesh Mask Review//Callsign: Reach Airsoft Gear

Are you tired of uncomfortable mesh masks digging into your soft, supple flesh? Do you hate taking BBs to the teeth through thin, unprotective cloth, masks? introducing the OneTigris Half Face Mesh Mask Hi there.

I’m Reach of Corporate Approved Airsoft here to introduce a brand new product that’s going to change the way you humiliate your enemies. For years, I put up with getting shot the teeth, gums, lips, mouth, eyes.

.. …gums, teeth, and lips. I thought there’d never be a solution. Allow me to introduce OneTigris Half Face Mesh Mask The OneTigris mesh mask is a low profile mask available on Amazon for $12 It’s the same shape as a normal mesh mask with comfortable padded sides and a mesh mouthpiece.

The mask has 4 Flexible straps that weave through an adjustable lock system, that all coalesce in a single head strap on the back of the mask You might be asking, “Reach can you aim with it?” (Sex Voice) You bet your sweet ass.

Some full face masks are way too bulky to aim with, making it near impossible to aim down the sights The OneTigris mask’s fabric side panels allow you to lower your face to your stock, allowing for proper ADS.

Finding the right goggle/mask combination can be a difficult task. Most lowers don’t allow space for large profile goggles. The OneTigris mask has the perfect shape for a wide variety of different eye protection options, and can be worn comfortably under Or over a ball cap Fabric masks have a tendency to make breathing difficult during moments of high action.

NOOOO! MY FACE! Even with its fabric sides, the OneTigris mask makes breathing easy with its mesh mouthpiece You’re probably asking, “Reach, is it durable?” We’re… We’re trying to get to it. I mean we’re going as fast as we can.

We’re trying really hard here. Okay, so just like Seriously, like, I’m only one guy. I can only do so much. I gotta edit all this sh(dry fire)t. I have to find stock music that they are… That Disney’s not going to sue me for.

Disney’s coming down on my ass. Hardcore. Every day! Gettin’ cease and desist letters from the Mouse himself. I love you guys. I love you. I can’t… I just can’t do it! All mommy can’t do it all! *scream of rage* *Makenna giggles* For our durability test we had to bring out the big guns.

It’s a big gun, get it? *maniacal laughter* *insanity becomes more prevalent* *I make the neighbors nervous* *ricochet whistles past face* Oh my God. For years, I had to put up with getting shot in the dick’n’balls over and over and over again bruised *giggle* brui- bruised scrot, bruised shaft.

.. I had enough of it! I almost quit the sport Luckily, the OneTigris half face mesh mask also works as an excellent codpiece subscribe Unfortunately, no product is perfect. Like most mesh masks, the shape of your nose is going to impact how it fits.

Depending on your preference you might not like how the straps fit around your head There’s kind of a lot of them, and it has to wrap all the way around. It adds a lot of material to the back (of your head) Luckily, there is a way to modify these so that it fits into the head-lock system on your helmet.

You basically just cut the strap and tie it through and then fix it to the lock system on your mask Are you tired of other dumb, stupid… uh… Du- Ugly, dumb, uh, bad masks choking you and making it hard to play airsoft Maybe the OneTigris Half Face Mesh Mask is for you.

*fires blindly into the air, endangering children and local wildlife* Consult your doctor before wearing the OneTigris Half Face Mesh Mask. The Mask is not guaranteed to protect against hazards in other physical activity such as organized tickling, competitive table tennis, or aggressive butt play.

Side effects may include drowsiness, dizziness, dyslexia, deep dabs and a need to try speedsoft, dry mouth, extreme diarrhea for safety purchasing tickets to milsims in other states, thick or explosive urination, ejaculating .

28 Golden Ball BBs, hollow jowls, cankles, swamp foot, ham fists, carpal tunal, visions of Novritsch, reloading most firearms extremely quickly, violent poops, stale memes, flat feet, shouting “tango down” while asleep creaky joints, subscription to the Callsign: Reach YouTube Channel, a sudden, overwhelming need to pledge your undying loyalty to a shadowy, faceless corporation, unexplained pregnancy, engorged testicles, and death.

Consult your doctor if you experience any shitting of the bed as you’re likely not eligible to wear the OneTigris Half Face Mesh Mask. This mask may result in your loadout looking cooler. *lawn mower revs* Kill me.

Makenna: You don’t look as cool as you think you do. *girlish giggle* God, that’s too weird. It’s too weird. I put up with getting shot in the teeth, gums, lips, mouth, eyes, gums, teeth, and lips, I thought they’d never be a solution (This is what happens when you try to film without a script.

Always make a script. Please. For me.)


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