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OneTigris JPC Style Airsoft Vest Review // Reach: the Height of Tactical Fashion

OneTigris JPC Style Airsoft Vest Review // Reach: the Height of Tactical Fashion

Tactical ability. Massive weaponry. Incomprehensible, rock-hard body. It’s emotionless cyborg mercenary and fashion icon Reach from Corporate Approved Airsoft Looks like he’s wearing the OneTigris line of JPCs.

The jumpable plate carrier, also known as the JPC, is a lightweight, minimalist chest rig originally made by Crye Precision. Intended to maximize mobility and equipment carriage while keeping weight low, these plate carriers have become a hot commodity in the airsoft community given our insatiable need to stay up to date on the latest trends in tactical fashion.

Unfortunately most JPC-style plate carriers are gonna run you upwards of $200. I’ve got a couple of Burger King coupons and some Chuck-E-Cheese tokens to my name, so that’s not really an option for me.

If you’re a heartless sellout like me, you can replicate the look for a fraction of the price. And look at me. I shoot plastic spheres and children on the weekends for fun. You think I’ve got high standards? OneTigris makes multiple lightweight plate carriers in various, chic colors that all resemble the JPC.

This is the laser-cut model in OneTigris’ premier seasonal color: (Copyright OneTigris International) In addition to being super badass, it has laser-cut slots for equipment instead of MOLLE webbing. It’s a different advanced looking rig, and I totally dig it.

It has a removable skeletonized belting system that optimizes weight, yet maintains the opportunity for customization. It can also be removed for an even slimmer profile. This JPC has pre-installed magazine pouches in this velcro panel.

This eliminates the need to purchase extra ones and allows you to repurpose your rig’s real estate for other things like holding all your Pokemon cards, or your priceless GameCube copy of Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes I’ll never give you up, baby.

*Metal Gear Death Theme* This vest also has a discreet velcro command panel towards the top of the vest. This is another excellent use of space that will keep your kit open for other external upgrades.

I use this pouch to store a ludicrous amount of pens. You can never have too many. Up next is the most advanced model. I got this one in a very stylish Multicam. This one looks a bit more traditional with standard MOLLE webbing and a full-size removable cummerbund.

Need to lay down and irresponsible amount of covering fire? This bad boy keeps weight down But still has enough space for you to carry as many magazines as you need. The advanced JPC includes the aforementioned hidden mag pouches and command panel.

If you want a more traditional, operator style look, this one is probably for you. Both rigs include removable foam dummy plates which can be replaced with armor if you want to use this as a real plate carrier or happen to have some extra level 3s lying around.

Because I want to keep the weight down, I’ll probably stick to the foam. Nevertheless, another excellent, airsoft-minded decision from OneTigris Having used a JPC in addition to having, you know, a heavy- heavier-looking body armor variant like the condor MOPC that I usually wear.

.. I think taking it to games, it definitely changes the way that you play. It’s a lot lighter. It feels a lot less, kind of, invasive. There’s not as much stuff… just kind of… in the way. It’s very it’s a very lightweight system.

You know, it doesn’t- it doesn’t, uh, it doesn’t weigh you down. I actually took it to a game with my .50 Cal, which is a gigantic gun, and I forgot it was even there. I mean, it was… it’s basically providing all the protection that you need, you know, without weighing you down The included magazine pouches on this thing are awesome.

They’re super discreet. They’re very very low-profile I didn’t even realize they were there, actually, until I took a closer look at the vest But as you can see, I have three M4 mags* in here right now, and it’s it’s still super low profile.

I think the whole vest together weighs like a pound at the most. I mean, it feels like nothing OneTigris actually included some some other extra mag pouches for me. I attached these to the skeletal kind of cummerbund things down here.

I actually… I’m not a huge fan of these. They’re a little bit too loose I like the Condor ones because they, uh… they’re hemmed on the edge so that they fit the magazine like a lot better So say you didn’t want these magazine pouches to even be on your best It’s super easy to get rid of them You basically would just untie these little bungee cords that they include to keep your magazines intact, yank that out And then you just velcro it down, and it’s like they’re not even there so you can just build it However you want.

Like K’Nex or LEGO! So, one thing that I wanted to test with this, with these things Is that I thought they looked a little bit small when I opened up this… This vest to look at it I do run two different G36 rifles from time to time and I was concerned as to whether or not these would be able to hold the G36 magazine because As you as you probably know if your G36 user, the magazines are kind of the worst in the world to get Magazine pouches for.

The pegs on the side that are used to clip ’em together Basically ruin that. They make it impossible to fit these in. So, I have been able to fit both of these in here. I don’t think I could fit a third.

It looks a little bit tight but both of these have been able to fit in there so if you are a G36 user This will probably- this will be… You’ll at least be able to carry your magazines So you’re probably so if you don’t use a G36 mag pouches, you’re probably still gonna have some of the issues But.

.. You can at least carry your ammo. Be hot, be sexy. Dan, make love with your eyes. Yes, ooo. Who is she? Who is she? What is that? *robotic beeping and static* Are you okay? You doin’ all right? Hey, man.

.. *mysterious beeping* You’re like, “Sending, scanning, scanning, scanning, scanning.” Yeah, I was just tryin’ to… Your face is really bright. Yeah, cuz I’m a beautiful boy Show me the ‘stache. Show me the ‘stache.

Oooooo. Did you fight in the Civil War? I fought in the Civil War. *Sexy grunting* I’m sexy. Oh sexy revolution, sexy Paul Revere.


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