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OMG!! This Is Terrible !!! (Worst Airsoft Replica Reviewed)

OMG!! This Is Terrible !!! (Worst Airsoft Replica Reviewed)

How’s it going Airsofters, today I’m going to using a new spring-powered tri-shot shotgun from Secutor I have here the Velites SV Ferrum. Let’s take a look at what you get in the box Manuals Come on, we’re Airsofters, we don’t need these.

3x 28 round shells, a BB speed loader, a Magpul style foregrip, a spare rail section and the shotgun itself. So improvements over the Mark1 version, the mark 1 version was all plastic where this has now Gained some weight.

The outer barrel is metal, we’ve got a new flashhider on there as well. The receiver is all metal The pump is still plastic, but my god that feels so much more positive and responsive it actually feels like a like a gas shotgun.

It’s got a lovely… A lovely feel to the racking of it now So much more of an improvement over the mark 1 version. You still have that Magpul style CTR stock and This is more of a matte finish compared to the mark 1 the mark 1 was quite a shiney finish.

They seem to have made some improvements with the shell door, with the mark 1 it was a bit of a chore to get your shell in and out, where with this version It’s Just so easy to get your shell out of there.

Yeah, so far. I’m well impressed by this mark 2 version I was a little bit of that down with the mark 1 version It just felt very toy like and very plasticky when I first got my hands on it. With this is totally different It feels more realistic more like a replica Weight is a lot better, the feel of it is a lot better.

Made a massive improvement with the build quality of this, but the only way we’re gonna find out if it’s actually any good… Let’s get out on the field for a game My first thoughts when I fired the shotgun were “what the f**k!!!” The range is poor and the accuracy is poor with the 0.

28 BBs. This is not what I was expecting at all. Now I’m back at the respawn point, I try and find out what is going so badly wrong with this shotgun. Today it’s about five degrees Celsius. Which is actually quite warm for British wintertime, and I could only imagine that the cold is affecting the fixed hop-up.

I’m not entirely sure what the hop-up is made from. I can only assume that it’s some kind of rubber, and rubber can be affected by the cold, and being a fixed hop-up, there’s no room for any adjustments.

So what do you do when your hands are too cold? You give them a blow Still no improvement, so I leave the game, and plan to try some lighter BBs. With the 0.2 BBs, range and groupings is still terrible.

You were supposed to be better than this! You were supposed to be better! You were supposed to be better than this! I give up with a Ferrum, with the plans to try again later when the day warms up. I decided to have a game with my TM hi-capa This thing is always reliable in the cold.

Behind me some poor young lads pistol vents all the gas out of it. I see if he wants a refill. “I think it’s a bit cold for pistols today.” “I’m all out of guns now though.” They’ve all stopped working.

It’s really not my day, some generous player takes pity on me and offers to lend me is Tokyo Marui AA12. Is a bit later in the day now and it’s warmed up a degree or two. So it’s time to try the Ferrum one more time.

HIT!!! I’m sick of this!!! You do realize, after this, no one’s ever gonna send me anything to review ever again?…


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