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OMG, I shot the referee in airsoft!! [Gameplay]

OMG, I shot the referee in airsoft!! [Gameplay]

what’s up guys Today I am playing at Aarhus Airsoft Field and today I wanna showcase two great spots on the field First spot, was this sniper tower, yes you are allowed to use snipers, pistols and shotguns when entering the sniper tower.

At this tower you can strike the enemy, before they can strike back. As I cleared the area, I climbed up the tower, and from there I shot down the enemies. I made a great impact by hitting those enemies.

At this moment I was trying to shoot down the two enemies, but I accidently shot the referee. And luckily I knew the referee and he is a good guy. I even said sorry while shooting the last enemy. Communications is the key to be a better airsoft player, keep telling your allies where the enemies are located to help them out.

This was the end of this game Lets move on to the next game. I have played so much on the field, that I knew, where the enemies rushed at. Second spot, was so well hidden that no enemies notice me, it was a value for my team, that I hitted a lot of enemies, and the only problem was the one lucky guy who first missed all his shot at me and got hitted by my allie, but he got instant revieved and shot me out in the end, because I ran out of ammo, and was too slow to reload.

This is it, thanks for watching and merry Christmas, I just reached the 100 subscibers, thanks for the support, I really appreciate that. Keep supporting me, for more content. This is TommReaper, don’t forget to subscribe if you are new to this channel and also leave a like.


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