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OaD Airsoft loadout’s

OaD Airsoft loadout’s

the oag airsoft blowed up video take one alright so I want to start off that this right here is my beast this is my kwa sr10 there’s only one thing done internally and that’s the air cylinder with a sodahead where the hell did it’s just for better air pressure I guess and got an 11-1 lipo in it shoots like a boss nicey as heck magpul foregrip nigger rig flashlight shoots like a boss pretty good to me and i’ll show you how it works it’s fair doesn’t eat Anna like a fish yes it shoots around 420 FPS for 20-plus it’s probably one of those guns where you might want to use the Bang Bang or call your hit roll or it’s going to hurt terribly this is my shower to utg it’s pretty cool it shoots three rounds has a couple shells with some kind of broken my friends holding other ones I don’t know if you guys can see this but has three barrels and occasionally shoots the three shot it’s not the best side arm how many FPS you think it shoots room shoots around 350 FPS it’s good if you’re in a bad situation out of ammo it’s probably really good if you have a lot of backup chills this gun right here it’s not functional it is not the co2 every time you put it in just like shoots out the fucking barrel like a boon to place today breaks p99 I think it’s one of the cheap ones you buy from like Walmart or something I don’t recommend that don’t let you go all right my first gun is the cyma AK it’s all metal okay the only thing abducted the grip put on him about it my next gun is a utg r700 master sniper the other thing it has on as an upgrade and spring Oh 20 days shooting 450 to 500 FPS good shooting around 500 FPS I have two mags words once here and lay down on that from on low data spray seized with a wetland Vietnam stylish history I kill rag speed realtor I carry three four five batteries when 9.

6 i’m chuck 8.4 stick a 7.2 minute bird a 9.6 six hundred milliamps energy battery but that’s an apron cornice 1100 to wear blouse they see us girls for an undershirt i forgot to say about the k to be hey and its back the battery is really small and just fits right there in the buttstock pad it’s really thick classic holds up great everything from the KWA is fully metal except for the crane stuff the crane stock is the very thick polymer one more things with my loadout I’m getting a rubber knife show up here in this metal he normally doesn’t take it to carry all this stuff here plus watch long followed up it works better when the other person has there’s one how you do I was like your grip engage the team a is a foregrip or somebody else in support go you have a one-on-one sniper but it hasn’t so he decided to throw his ba huddle in a shitty 416 H&K 416 like all plastic so good skype while I was down in perfectly no scratches on the barrel did because I bought a used it’s got mark 20 25 grams and he shot 30s out of it but you didn’t do very well I have it down into 20 grand babies mopping sometimes soon I’ll be getting a walk there Walter us for CSU power yeah see it’s powered sniper its main streets around 650 not recommended for most airsoft field because it penetrates and it’s hard hitting but I’m going to use it with that’s nothing because they don’t they don’t cronut so that should be fairly good when we plant everything’s fielded or weekly at one house and I’ll just stare stories it’s a two-story old formats that we play in a 0 for 16 there because it’s pretty much a CQB place they don’t you see if you’d be well other night yeah my main batteries the stick battery which came with his conscious in a point for this game battery this is turned on it’s announced it this is just a seven-point see backup better this is the piece of grip yeah of course at this legacy 650 around 8am egg full metal masters I have 10 of these speed reloaders about it Enchantix it wraps it up except for my chest rig it’s a military-issued this there was nothing block in the back so if you get hit in the back it’s going to hurt probably going to scream shit and set a hit it’s really thick around the front it’s about five millimeters thick I’m a little bit of coverage to the back truly heavy dude acs i’m normally run ensues that’s it we’re usually where I’m combat got my funny strings here people make fun of me when I’m running through the phils and his hair bouncing off my legs I don’t give a damn i shouldn’t leave that’s about it got it whatever


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