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NOVRITSCH vs SILO | 1v1 Airsoft Match

NOVRITSCH vs SILO  | 1v1 Airsoft Match

Oh shit Hi guys the first half of the 1v1 Silo versus Novritsch has just happened I pretty much got my ass kicked in the first runs on his channel go watch it. The one who loses this is going to get shot with two SSG’s at the same time, akimbo on the naked back can.

You also win an SSG; a brand new SSG if you count all these caps in both our videos together so count Them all, put them in the comment and you can win yourself an SSG. If you’re subscribed to both channels.

If you’re subscribed to both channels Are you ready? Alright, let’s f*cking go man. Second half of the duel has just started and I’m struggling very hard I’m behind by three Points and Novritsch only needs two more rounds to win the duel.

I need to change up my strategy in order to catch up Since he hasn’t shown up in that doorway for a while, I’m guessing he’s trying to flank me through the tunnel system I’ll move to a position close by to where he last saw me to see if he’s coming for me To change up my strategy I moved to the right side of the field to a good position where you can see most of the rush pass on the left In order to get an idea of where he’s going first For this duel the map has been opened up including the rooftops although this might seem like a good idea The ladders are way out in the open and it takes forever to climb up there But since Novritsch is trying to get behind me and shoot me in the back.

I should have enough time to climb up there Oh shit Hit! Hello, haha How did you get up there? The Ladder haha No, don’t shoot me You guys know where I am? This is the rooftop of the urban area, and I just shot Mr Cristof I’ve figured Novritsch has been winning a lot of rounds But either out flanking me or playing passive.

Since he hasn’t used his favorite sniping spot yet. I’m guessing he’ll be using it soon Why didn’t you just shoot? Because that was way for fun haha Yeah, I managed to bring him back and tie it up. I need to not get ahead of myself and throw away my momentum.

I Need to keep thinking about every move and take it slow Are you okay? Every time I see you; just I want to get around and behind you, but you’re f*cking moving again This will be the deciding round I only one more round to win the game and Novritsch has to win this round in order to tie it up and stay In the duel.

I’ve barely used the left so far so this time I’ll rush it as fast as I can and try to get an idea of where Novritsch went I’m so tired man. Let’s not doing this again. We run way to much But if I hit like One going on one ass cheek, and the other going on the other one.

Alright, where you want to strip? Okay, I’ll just stand here. You choose a distance that doesn’t kill me. Are there BB’s in there? Your empty man On the executioner’s block man Here OH YEAH!! All the female viewers are going like wheeeew All right guys, so, as we mentioned before The subscriber, that’s gonna Comment below the number of those heads, they’d you’ve seen everyone in the field Let us know the number and subscribe to both of our channels Then you can win an SSG with a scope on top and also of course check out my perspective of the video to see how it all started link is in the video description and America Yo, what’s up guys, I’m Novritsch and today I’m here with Silo from Silo Entertainment, and we’re gonna do the long awaited silo vs.

Novritsch. whoever’s gonna lose This match will get shot on the naked skin by both of those sniper rifles at the same time So that’s 550 FPS times two


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