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Novritsch SSG10 Event, Unboxing und Test

Novritsch SSG10 Event, Unboxing und Test

yout hit my finger you hit my thumb move your hands but then you will hit my butt *giggles* In Vienna there are nice buildings golden statues, sitting statues buildings, buildings, buildings, churches shiny buildings, royal buildings, Novritsch and schnitzel without sauce (apparently illegal) *coughs* very dry let’s jump straight to the event bald is shaved and shiny today is a big day but not for my bald, but for Novritsch and his team.

we saw a rifle on instagram and youtube hopefully he will launch this rifle today we are in. we were a bit early. so we grabbed some snacks and drinks and now we are here let check who’s here Silo, Sniperbuddy Fabi, Housegamers, Kicking Mustang Claudia the CFO of Novritsch, GSP Justin from Airsoft Helden and Riko from Italy one floor up highfive for Josef Novritsch welcomes everybody personally I was a bit confused.

I forgot that Novritsch speaks german. found a nice spot with the boys what’s up the launch starts Novritsch talks about the SSG24, SSP1 and the SSX23 there is a new improved SSX23 2020 and in summer 2020 there will be further highlights the SSX303 a carbine version of the SSX23 which will look like this and I am looking forward to the SSR15 but Novritsch is famous for sniping and sniper rifles and then Novritsch shows us the new rifle the SSG10.

More durable, more precise better airseal and more quiet than the SSG24 and then he tells us that its not only one rifle, but two same performance, same internals only difference is the stock the SSG10 A2 for 499 EUR and if you don’t need the modular, futuristic stock you can get the minimalistic A1 for 299EUR you need the bars for the cinematic effect I know you are not here for the gun porn I can hear you guys.

Enough talking. Get it out already the SSG10 comes with this cool guncase it says Novritsch SSG10 let’s open it what’s inside two mags it fits 28 BBs they are transparent a cleaning rod a manual. And nobody need a manual but wait.

let me show you something here we see Novritsch himself check out this picture. this is the best Do not be stupid ­čśÇ best for last the SSG10 from the front the outer barrel it is fluted the middle part Novritsch SSG10 if you are wondering about the dirt I have tested it thoroughly and the stock used and dirty.

how I like it this is the SSG10 A1 the minimalistic version for 299 EUR but remember. The same internals and the same performance as the SSG10 A2 which is 499 EUR same internals only the stock and the bolt handle are different there is the Novritsch SSG24 why is the SSG10 better than the SSG24 according to the website the SSG10 is more precise, better airseal more durable outside and inside it can take M220 spings that is 5 Joules.

730 FPS it can hop heavy BBs I tested it with 0,46g BBs the hopup ist half in it can easily overhop the 0,46g BBs looking at the shape of the SSG24 we recognize the M24 looking at the shape of the SSG10 we recognize the VSR10 the A1 weighs 2000g the A2 weighs 2930g both rifles have a length of 107cm let check the material metal the stock is made of plastic the back is rubberized the surface is hard to describe it is plastic but it feels rubberized which gives you better grip lets look at the markings novritsch SSG10 TMH and the F SSG10 caliber 6mm BB I like how light it is lets look at the rifle from front to back here’s the outer barrel it is fluted a sling mount the mag release but what good is a mag release without a mag mag in mag out one thing I’ve noticed its easy without gloves but with gloves it is very difficult to get the mag out I had the same problem with my Well MB03 where I modded my mags with a hair band check this mag in I like how it fits finger hin and out works with one hand mag release problem solved next we have the trigger guard and the trigger made of metal we have a flat type trigger with an angle we have a rail for the scope this is how it looks with a scope from here and a bit closer very nice.

Do you like it? it is so light the scope made it so much heavier next we have the bolt handle smooth bolt pull I have tested a few snipers most dont shoot very far and they are not precise the bolt pull is not smooth returning the bolt is not smooth either we have the safety this is safe this is shoot a sling mount the back is rubberized lets look at the internals without getting to technical A1 and A2 are identical the cylinder is a highlight because it is straight sound trivial but its not because other cylinders bulge in the middle this is due to the maufacturing process with math, physics and other school subjects but this cylinder is completely straight the cylinder can travel smoothly inside the receiver the piston is centered by two gliderings the end of the piston is made of steel for better durability the spring guide is made of steel and it is only one piece the the hopup arm applies the pressure perfectly straight uneven pressure causes the BBs to fly right or left we have a 60┬░ maple leaf autobot bucking and a 6.

01mm precision inner barrel we checked the outside and the inside but what’s a gun review without a shooting test 2.5J 2.58J 2.52J 2.46J 2.6J 2.44 it’s a good one hit hit he’s out. Got him yeah he’s out hit thank you (for calling it) my back I’ll do another, ok? yeah, it feels good.

hit my back ah you hit my finger you shot my thumb move your hands but then you will shoot my butt *giggles* hit 80m that is very far I can’t even see that far hit my leg we’re at 80m 80m works quite well between my legs it flew further it flew another 5m between my feet ahh hit thigh we knew that Novritsch can build a rifle with range an accuracy he showed us with the SSG24 he even improved it with the SSG10 there’s the A2 for 499 EUR with futuristic, modular stock and there’s the light weight minimalistic A1 for 299 EUR this makes it very easy for people to get into sniping up to now, you had to buy a 1J VSR10 for 240EUR plus tuning parts this is 300EUR there’s only a difference of 60 EUR and you cannot upgrade a VSR10 for 60 EUR and get this rifle you think you can assemble a rifle like this for 299EUR please send me the shopping list that’s it for today leave a like I hope the videos help you get into airsoft and help you find your first sniper rifle I am out and I will see you next time ciao ciao


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