Home Airsoft Cheaters NOVRITSCH AND SILO TEAM UP – Sniper Squad Owns the Field

NOVRITSCH AND SILO TEAM UP – Sniper Squad Owns the Field

NOVRITSCH AND SILO TEAM UP – Sniper Squad Owns the Field

Silo: He’s dead. Hi, how are you guys? Today I play with Novritsch, Sniperbuddy Fabi and Magnus Edge. On their great home field in Austria, known as the Urban Area. Our plan is to stay together and move with the tunnel system so quickly, that the enemies won’t even know what just happened.

Silo: Ou … Silo: What? Silo:? Silo: What the fuck? Looks like they weren’t really on the red team, they just forgot to put on the blue ribbons. Novritsch: Are you red or blue? Silo: They’re red Silo: I don’t know what the hell .

.. Novritsch: Are you sure? Silo: Yeah, they’re red. Silo: But they’re dead, I shot them. Novritsch: (…) Silo: Thanks! Novritsch: Teamkill is a kill too Silo: Exactly! Silo: Two more … Silo: Najs Fabi: At the entrance to the yellow wall Fabi: (.

..) Silo: yes … Fabi: The gun protrudes there. Attention, attention, attention! (…) Novritsch: Tom? Silo: Yes … Novritsch: (…) Silo: What? Novritsch: We’ll retreat through the tunnel. Silo: Okay.

Novritsch: I cover the retreat. Silo: Yes Silo: Ready? Fabi: (…) Silo: I’m fine (…) Silo: Are you dead? Enemy: Yeah … As the last game of the day, we play the game Zombie. Of course, there are few people and a large number of zombies in this game.

Our task is to keep the building as long as possible And when you’re hit, you go to the zombie side until all the people are dead. Silo: (…) Fabi: There’s one inside Silo: A do pr * ele. (…) Fabi: He shoots from there.

Fabi: From that entrance. Silo: (…) Silo: Dead! Silo: Grenade … Thanks for watching, another Austria will come up with this epic sniper team, so make sure you subscribe if you don’t want to lose it.


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