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NOVRITSCH Airsoft Sniper SSG24 Unboxing [ENG Subs 4K]

NOVRITSCH Airsoft Sniper SSG24 Unboxing [ENG Subs 4K]

So folks, it’s time for an unboxing! It’s been a long time but it’s definitly something special! You already could read what’s in this case, so we don’t have to do make a secret of it. This beautiful case is included with the Novritsch gun! The Novritsch SSG24 – Deliverd with this trunk and I would say let’s open it and see what’s included We have to say, Novritsch wrote us if we are interested to do a video about his gun That means, we know about his weapon a bit earlier and of course we have not told anything.

And now, there it is. It contains some more extras for the review And there it is! As you can see it’s a Remington M700 Body and I like that very much! As a player I like the M700 bodies. It simple and easy to use for everybody.

No fancy frills… What directly stands out is the twisted fluted barrel. This twisted fluted barrel is exclusive for the first 100 weapons That means you can purchase this airsoft rifle at the novritsch shop but as I said the 100 are already sold.

In Germany you can buy it at the end of May. That’s the plan at the moment and let me give you the hint: Subscribe to this channel to get more informations about the sale in Germany VERY important: Tomorrow, on Friday the 2th of Feb.

we release the review of the SSG24 We only want to do a little teaser about the Novritsch gun. Now we can do it – Novritsch released the gun – So here is the unboxing What also stands out is that you can adjust the HU from the outside and on the stock we got the Novritsch logo Also a special feature is that the weapon is upgraded out of the box.

But more about that, how the range is, what you can do with it tomorrow, when the video is online in german and english on GsPAirsoft Of course included is a magazine, which looks like classic army magazines.

We got a extra magazine for the review, which helpes a lot If you buy a novritsch rifle, you get this BBs. We got .46g sniper BBS which comes in this metal can and I like it Furthermore we got 2 more springs.

A M150 and M170 and the gun owns a M190 spring And we got many Novritsch patches. They’re not included in the delivery contents like the springs. More .46g BBs for the test Sling swivels And a loading assistance with a message from Novritsch that we are one of the first 100 – Thank you Novritsch for that 😀 – which have got the SSG24 and he wrote on Facebook, that we was 3 months in taiwan to develop and spent a lot of money If you take the airsoft out of the box it feels good and personally I like the twisted barrel It’s a bit sad that only the first 100 get one of these but that’s what a limited edition is 😀 The price as pre-order is also a bit cheaper with the 460$ and that’s a good price, if the weapon deliver what one promises Are the upgared parts good, is the weapon accurate? But more about that tomorrow So, that’s about the unboxing and the short teaser.

You can definitly be curious what Novritsch come up with this rifle And you don’t have to wait that longe..tomorrow is the day and after that we all are a bit smarter about the gun If you got any questions, feel free the write it into the comments below and I can say good bye till tomorrow! Finally we can release this video after Novritsch got his release.

See ya guys!


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