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Hey what’s up guys and welcome to knowledge gun arsenal video series now in this episode I’m gonna talk about the assault rifles I own if you also want to see a video where I talk about my pistols and another one where I talk about my sniper rifles I’m gonna release those very soon and if they’re already released the links to those will be in the video description so let’s get started let’s talk about assault rifles alright let’s get started with my a heh II now the base model of this gun is a CH h e8 Yuchi a 1 so we sculpt the long barrel the front grip and as you can see there’s not much left of those accessories why did I built this gun well I just felt like proving something also I got trained on the scan at the Austrian military so I did a million reloads on the scans and you know the gun manipulation so I thought what we could have won an airsoft just to train that a little bit and you know play with it once in a while the first thing I did to the a1 version was cutting off the scope because the scope is I really like it I don’t know if you have a Houston area scope but it’s very tiny you can’t find your enemies the magnification is 1.5 x which is also kind of useless in my opinion so I just took a metal cutter and cut it off now you might ask why did you even buy the a1 version then you could just buy the a2 and safety scope just cut on the rail but I wanted to have that all lift body because that’s the body was up at the military and I just like the way it looks so after cutting off the scope I attached this rail right here it’s a steel rail just a not even a rail it’s just flat piece of steel screwed it into the receiver screwed on a Picatinny rail that I had lying around and this gave this aid sheet is very low-profile and slick optic on top of it I mounted a canis latrans optics system that they were nice enough to send me here on the bottom we have one x up to 4 x variable magnification which I use for the long ranges and then on top I have a you know micro red dot which is very nice because which from long range to the short CPU ranges just by rising my head then here on the side I screwed in a scope ring because there was original and on rails I couldn’t attach anything such as screwed it running through receiver and on there I attached this Claro’s flashlight right here which I could turn on by pressing this little switch right here and I can still stay on the trigger by switching on the light also here I have
a second button when I press it I get the strobe light so I can just switch between those two just by moving my son but also modified about this age he is the barrel usually the oak barrel it’s very long it’s like until here but since it’s a bull of design and the magazine is here that means that the barrel starts right here let me show you this real quick very easy on the arc just pulled back the charging handle and you can’t just turn out the barrel there we go that’s the barrel lengths as you can see it’s almost as long as the gun itself and it is still longer than on a standard m4 so plenty of lengths for the accuracy you need I mean brother Liang doesn’t even affect accuracy and as of anyways but you know still enough length to produce those needed FPS then what also modified in the gun is the way this sling is attached so I just used this cable tie right here and there on the back I use the original sling mount because on the a1 the sling mount is here in front which is kind of lying because it’s always in the way of the optic which ya sucks I don’t know what I designed it like this now last but not least it’s the front grip modification I know some of you guys will say it’s ugly some of you will say it’s cool I don’t care I just like it the way it is because on the original Aug 1 on the airsoft version as well as on the real steel version you have this wobbly front grip right here which you can flip up I just don’t like it when you touch it it feels like a piece of crap so what I did is I cut it in half and I hot glued it onto this trigger guard which makes it this nice angled for grip which gives me nice I can put my thumb over here so it just doesn’t feel the crap anymore because it’s not wobbling in all kind of directions it’s only the gun is still stuck mmm the reason why I kept it like this is because I knew I’m not gonna play with it too often so I didn’t want to invest too much money but yeah externally completely customized to make it fit my needs and I do really like the way it feels the weight hearts in the back now it’s extremely compact but still pan accurate up next is my HP power m4 started as a VC and for because they make great bodies and then yeah I completely customized it when I was I’m in America with the guy called spots on 170 W he’s working for pts and he just killed this gun out with all his accessories so everything you can see here is pretty much pts so we have 2 M lock rail we have
the PDS gripped and pts ergo stock what else pts yeah the magazine great magazines really like those they always feed they’re great and then I was have long auto barrel right here which is made by GP and an investor key amplifier what I like about this gun is that it’s HPA so I can adjust everything I can adjust the rate of fire the tools the FPS everything that you could think of like this time that the nozzle needs to cycle all that kind of stuff and I can also switch between being a large gun to being a silent gun you can’t really do this in a cheese day which is always loud you just gearbox but the HP guns can be extremely solid so let me show you this got this air tank it’s a supply line get just a plugin on here now we simplify it’s loud and if I put this silence onto the gun now but just I’m screwing this amplifier right here I can make it extremely silent that’s just a little silent but you’re going to hear it let me show you can you hear that difference it’s amazing if you optimize it with the air volume and everything you can get this thing extremely quiet that’s not the most you can do it can be even more silent accessory-wise I kept it very minimal because I wanted to gun to be lightweight so have ps22 replica here on top and then I have this flashlight especially for the urban areas if I go into the tunnels I can just press this little cable switch right here and can illuminate my target or you know illuminate the way where I go up next is the XTC so extreme Tecton carabine from modify tech it’s one of those a cheese which you just you know you buy and you don’t really have to think her on it in terms of a reinforced external feel nice and even though I usually use two HP a gun just once in a while I like to run an ad because you don’t have to line then you don’t have to worry about the HP tank getting filled you know you just recharge the battery at home drop it inside and you’re ready to go we’re also like about the gun is that you know the trigger response it is quite nice let me show you real quick the 11.1 lipo feels good and full auto it’s nice – great gun have used it too much I’ve used it in the battlegrounds and that’s you know another game mode where you don’t really want to have an HP gun because the gun just flies on the ground you pick it up and you’re ready to go and that’s what I love a G’s for last but not least the micro gun that I got from gunfire you can’t really compare it to any you
know out of a cheese you can’t say it’s better than the minigun from blah blah blah because it is the only minigun that’s affordable lightweight and small enough that you can actually operate it in field all the other mini guns out there are just huge expensive unaffordable and too heavy to use it’s not really a gun that you buy to be effective on the field you know you don’t buy this to smoke everybody it’s it’s a fun gun there is no real purpose to it you can mount it on a vehicle and it looks cool but then you would also be better off to just you know put an HPA gun right there so again it’s for looks it’s for fun and if you have a plate with a gun like this you will know the joy of it now you don’t shoulder it like a normal gun you shoot it from a hips which makes it very different to operate because usually you know your aim you have the target you see some elbow or something you shoot the elbow you can’t do it with this you just start shooting and then you have this insane laser beam not laser beam because it’s spreading all over the place but you can kind of track the bb’s and then you’re correcting to whatever target you want to shoot so the engaging of the target always kind of looks like this that’s a lot of fun it is just what’s the video link is in the info card in a bit of description that the gameplay with it and as you will see due to the limited aim and just spraying all over the place because there is a 2200 PP magazine inside here you can fill it this by filling this tube and you know if we have that many BBS you don’t really save on ammunition anymore you just spray all over the place alright hope you guys enjoyed my quick rundown of my quick rundown of my assault rifles even though that’s not really an assault rifle it’s support gun but yeah if you want to see me talking about the pistols or the sniper rifles I’m gonna release this video soon and if they’re already released the links to those will be in the infobox below thanks for watching and I see you on Thursday for gameplay with one of those guns


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