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No más BBs en la Cara | Máscara DYE i4 Térmica – Airsoft Review en Español

No más BBs en la Cara | Máscara DYE i4 Térmica – Airsoft Review en Español

Hi, my name is Galán and this is Infamous Airsoft Reviews Today I want to share with you my new Mask for CQB, which I`ve been using for a couple of weeks I`m talking about DYE i4 with Thermals Lens This is a very recognized Paintball brand And thanks to their quality and the great success of this model, now is common to see it on Airsoft fields Don`t forget to Suscribe to the channel, There`s new videos every Tuesday and Thursday We are 30.

000 and growing… The i4 is a very confortable and lightweight mask with anatomical fit and a flexible structure With just 0.77 pounds of weight Besides the attractive and futuristic… The i4 design has a lot ventilation spaces Which are multidirectional and allows a quick dissipation of heat and humidity Besides favoring the sound for an agile communication Inside it has a special double sponge that help prevent fogging.

.. And on the sides, has soft and flexible earmuffs with Cool Max system that helps with sweat dissipation The i4 anatomical design ensures the mask be always in place This, thanks to the Tiger retention system, that allows a quick regulation for different head sizes Besides the small strap that secures the mask from the bottom, preventing accidentally getting out of place Definitely the strongest aspect of this mask is the Lens Which are thermal and anti-humidity, besides to count with ballistic certification (ASTM / ANSI) And being compatible with all i4 and i5 models Unlike other market models, that distort the perspective and reduces the visual field.

.. The i4 Lens has a Torodial correction and gives a Peripherical 180º vision In this topic, another strong point of the i4, is the rapid lens change


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