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NEXTORCH WL10 Executor – Airsoft Review and Gameplay

NEXTORCH WL10 Executor – Airsoft Review and Gameplay

hello everybody this is not here today we have a review for you on the WL 10 executors next torch so I’ve been wanting a decent torch for a while to run on my pistol and this is what I eventually came up with the next torch i also have a second one which i can mount on another gun so now i can actually run with two of these at the same time which is absolutely fantastic I’ve been all a little bit iffy on a few gun torch before but this is one of the most fantastic gun towards I’ve ever used and I have to recommend it to just about anybody so let’s start with some facts the next torch runs at 230 lumens this if you don’t know is an incredibly bright torch if we know how bright 230 lumens is the manual has a statement which says do not shine the eyes of other people because it could cause permanent injury if it manual says that you know you’ve got a bright torch the torch mounts onto any Picatinny rail if you want to detach the torch all you do is turn this little wheel here on the side of the gun and the porch or just simply slide off like so the torch is activated and deactivated with a little switch that you can see just here you can tap that just little bit to trigger the torch on just slightly with your finger or you can press it all the way down and click it down in order to keep the torch on tap it again that source will stay off the torch can be triggered from either end so the torch is ambidextrous and how you want to use it just make it useful for you know if you are right-handed or left-handed some torches have a preference to one or the other but this was the ave NE difference the manual states that there is a lock on the torch I haven’t been able to find one if you want to prevent your torch from accidentally coming on what you do is you just unscrew ahead this works a little bit and that way if you’re accidentally pressing the trigger it’s not going to come on so you have to worry about killing off your battery overall I am really really impressed with the next torch I played last Sunday at the depot in Glasgow the depo site takes place in a old warehouse situated in Glasgow upstairs is quite bright and downstairs on the site is really really dark and it’s worth the torches shined so what you’re about to see is me shooting with my salt mod with one of the next towards attached to it first few shots are just without the torch the next few be with it see the difference let’s this next clip I use it to work to light up the really dark area where a couple of any players sneak up behind me to take out a few of my allies you can see me using the torches and aiming sister because at a time my red dot sight was working on the gun the torch is fantastic for seeing exactly where your BBS are landing I get a little bit frustrated here because like see the beep is hitting any players however I don’t cure their hit calls immediately I was running they’re both hit the Rope hit the roof it yep which wall hey that’s hot and I’ll switch from the end more salt mod to mine night for your pistol out with next warts attached to it as well got him yep they still there I didn’t hit him I missed it by a niche got in that time I should have done so that’s it for this video guys remember if you enjoy the video and you want more or be was giving a life on your feedback and you guys next 9 10 you


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