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New airsoft loadout

New airsoft loadout

hello this is one of my other airsoft loadout videos today I’m going to be showing you on your backpack I don’t know it’s from it’s just run your backpack I will get i’m pretty sure it’s fox tackle yeah it’s fat tacular and i have the old Ironside back patch on it and it’s pretty cool it’s very awesome I have nothing in it right now I just got it today from army hi I’m not spoiled i got it for sixty dollars of my own money it was 69 i have to pay it back i get that money from mowing lawns mowing lawns not from sometimes for my dad sometimes from for some other people and so i’m going to put everything on for me because you know put it out put it out sorry so it’s too big for me because they don’t make these things for little boys because because who’s what little boys going to make this if you p is if your little boy and you’re not the good stuff you need the man’s eyes so they had the leg that’s what all these loops are for because it’s too big they put on this we got at your AK and then it’s a whole selection and it looks really good like all I need is some boots and some pants I’m really mad that I didn’t get the pants because that just ruins my whole load out and I’m not going to shoot this thing it has no magazine it I would just be like firing and not be worth it so oh yeah this is all real military stuff this is some this is a military bag that would be good for insects surface store that they got from military brand military patch military type the I I don’t quite know what that means but it’s type VI uniform name and so subscribe and we’re good


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