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Nerf War and Nerf Chrono Barrel Review with an Airsoft Gun!


Hey everybody its Jonathan and welcome back to another episode of damaged arts If you like what you see on this channel, just click on the icon on the lower right hand corner and subscribe today We’re going to be highlighting our epic nerf battle 2018 at Tacoma, Washington But before we do that We had a special request from a fan deep passenger about testing this nerf chrono barrel deep passenger rights Can you try it with an airsoft gun Well deep passenger. Can we try this with an airsoft gun? Let’s take an airsoft gun and this chrono barrel outside and give that a try. Let’s see what happens So again, yeah, I got bee bees going through poop Try the other setting here reset Alright guys, I’m gonna try this with my nerf gun in the chronal barrel and see how that works Just to make sure I got everything dialed in correctly Make sure this is all Functioning on the kernel barrel, so I got it locked on.Let’s see if we got Yeah, definitely quickly registers with the nerf gun, let’s put it back on the airsoft Make sure my mag is fully wound up Yep got bb’s going through there I’ll reset it here Put it through Okay, so officially it does not work with a nert with a airsoft gun It will work for the nerf but not with the airsoft gun. So that confirms it deep passenger. It doesn’t work with an airsoft gun All right. So, uh, unfortunately it didn’t quite work out what the airsoft gun But I think might be the issue is it’s just way too powerful It’s it’s too fast and the bb’s too small to register on this chrono barrel Because it’s designed for you know a more bulky foam dart So you would need an airsoft chronometer to have that work out correctly.All right Well without further ado, let’s take you on over to those highlights of our epic nerf battle All right Oh It is getting too crazy human in here Yeah, I heard the siren all right back everybody back to base sorry, that’s what we’re doing All right Chandler snack in on a nice treat a free bag of Lay’s I Think you got me a couple of times. So you guys are like guarding the door I am drenched here. We are husband. Oh, I hear some fire over there Right cover me guys gonna reload At least And the doors right there and there’s the fill that key right there We gonna sit there as long as we can For the timer before we get hit with the dark or we duel it out with whoever the other team is staying beside us Sam I go All right everybody hope you enjoyed watching the highlights of
our epic nerf battle 2018 Feel free to like and comment on this video if you haven’t subscribed to our channel already.Just click the double D icon below you’ll help us create more cool content for your enjoyment and Inspiration also click the notification bell below so you don’t miss out on any of our new videos damn starts signing off You .


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