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[Neko Airsoft Team] Perang kemerdekaan 73 Tahun | Airsoftgun Cinematic Scopecam HUT RI 73Th #12


Eq-chan hey airsofters! eq-chan and welcome back to neko airsoft’s new video eq-chan i’m eq-chan eq-chan we have a new gameplay at predatorland 1, depok eq-chan for the independence day event eq-chan this event was held on 17th of august eq-chan for celebrating indonesia’s 73rd year of independence eq-chan if you didn’t know what predatorland 1 is eq-chan this field is a cqb field on the rooftop eq-chan which located at depok townsquare, top floor eq-chan if you want to try airsoft, you can try it here eq-chan because the rentals here is complete eq-chan from the goggles, vest, and the gun itself eq-chan for today’s cameraman is eq-chan eq-chan and please enjoy our video with cinematic view friendly so, where should we go? friendly i think we should go with boby eq-chan i’ll go right friendly who want to go to the right with me to the tower? eq-chan left *editor: that is your right* friendly got him eq-chan bro! did you got hit? *note, red shirt guy is still new i think* eq-chan did you get hit? eq-chan yup you got hit eq-chan clear! eq-chan nice game buddy player yup eq-chan nice game reff 2 friendly the one on the left provide backup reff 1 go eq-chan did you got hit? eq-chan eh? i think we both got hit eq-chan let’s go over there eq-chan just shoot at em and run eq-chan i wanna run eq-chan are there anyone coming here? eq-chan are there? eq-chan anyone coming here? friendly there’s no one coming eq-chan i see eq-chan where? friendly at the front, standing there eq-chan but where? who’s front? friendly *points* there spectator just go already eq-chan where? eq-chan and he just go ahead spectator now that’s more like it reff not yet, there’s still one more eq-chan is he still alive? eq-chan is he still alive? eq-chan already got hit huh eq-chan the bbs didn’t come out freedm762 didn’t feed or didn’t reach? eq-chan didn’t feed friendly clear! eq-chan we hope you guys enjoy our gamepay video eq-chan don’t forget we always update every sunday eq-chan and don’t forget to share this video and subscribe to our channel eq-chan i’m eq-chan and we will see you on the next video


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