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[Neko Airsoft Team] Airsoft Tag Team | Airsoft Indonesia Skirmish Scope cam (English Sub) #7


EQ take 1 EQ game 1 EQ Sniper EQ KSG shotgun Railgun *coughs* EQ hello airsofters EQ welcome to our new video! EQ I’m Eq-chan EQ and finally today we uploaded a new airsoft skirmish video EQ as you know we’re rarely upload skirmish videos EQ because our team is on hiatus since late March EQ so…. EQ we rarely play airsoft now EQ but we do have a few EQ skirmish videos so we will upload it here EQ enjoy the video :> EQ just fire at them! EQ Cover Freedm at the tree! EQ nice! freedm One down! railgun careful EQ i see the bb Railgun where? eq: at the front, spawn area eq there he is enemy hit! eq nice! eq got him EQ let’s go Railgun ok let’s go EQ ok got him EQ ????? EQ i mean cover me eq COVER me not COME to me *random noise from the enemy EQ really sorry about that :> EQ *bad word* EQ *bad word* EQ he’s at the front EQ right on your 12 EQ MOVE *badword* freedm do you want to use an aeg? EQ nah….EQ i don’t need an aeg anymore eq give me mercy bro EQ the mag fell out lmao eq WTF eq reload EQ cover me EQ i’ll go forward Enemy over dramatic cry in pain EQ lmao what happened to him? EQ what happened *starting to panic* EQ the one at the front is radish lmao eq not yet eq he only said “oh no!” eq now that’s a hit eq reload railgun don’t know railgun there’s one at the front railgun yup, there’s one EQ i’m right on your back freedm eq cover me eq yea, i see him EQ cover fire pls eq he’s shooting at me EQ just shoot at him eq he hasn’t seen you yet EQ just get over this berm, shoot at him and go down here again EQ just fall back after that eq clear? oh wait there’s one near the tree eq i see him eq felix! friendly hi? EQ come here eq right behind the tree there’s an enemy eq i see him eq there! friendly i see him eq uh huh EQ let’s switch up and take my posistion EQ i’m moving forward friendly ok eq hold up EQ let freedm eq did you get him? eq got him EQ ok, i’ll cover eq he’s moving forward freedm eq! freedm one guy’s over there EQ there’s one on the left they said EQ try to check forward if there’s an enemy or not EQ yea i see him railgun SHIT! freedm give it back! EQ give it back?! lmao railgun don’t fire at me blindly bastard! freedm at least mine’s still in the safe fps railgun what’s the fps freedm its fps is still safe! railgun what’s the fps? railgun what’s the fps of this gun? freedm huh? railgun what’s the fps? freedm this? railgun no railgun how much is the fps? freedm 350 (not) railgun that’s a lie railgun 350
with 0.3? freedm with 0.2g railgun huh? railgun i know that’s a lie lmao freedm using sp120 spring freedm it used the sp130 spring with the fps of 370 *truth* freedm NO! PLEASE! freedm PLEASE! PEASE! freedm PLEASE! eq you’re gonna get shot dumbass lmao railgun it’s alright later in game i’ll shoot you at the back freedm *badword* railgun I SEE YOU STEALING A START EQ he went back lmao Railgun you’ll never fool me! railgun right at your 12 railgun right behind the tree railgun yes! he’s hit! railgun can you move forward to that tree? railgun didn’t see the enemy from here eq i see the enemy eq got him eq right at my front eq i need support, right in front of me eq 12 o’clock, just shoot at him so he’s in cover railgun aghhhhh eq where is he? eq freeze! (safety kill) eq clear! eq sorry, i don’t want to shoot because it’s too near railgun oh wait it’s empty reff he’s hit, don’t shoot him anymore *still gonna shoot* reff hey he’s hit! don’t shoot him railgun where’s the bee hive? freedm right there railgun where? freedm there, the one with the rope railgun but where? railgun oh….railgun ok? freedm you do not know the way (those ugandan knuckles meme is still booming back then) railgun it’s huge! *that’s what she said* railgun IT’S HUGE! *that’s what she said* freedm don’t shoot it! freedm better don’t shoot it .


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