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Nederlands Review: Glock 17 gen.4 GBB Umarex


Glock’s this is finally the official glock 17 gen.4 fully license by umarex collaboration with real glocks glock logos everywhere on the slide on the grips slide on the barrel Slide.. are the real official glocks made by umarex lock plate and a glock logo austria on the magazine have a different version here. this is another of army bad quality license but not completely like here you see a Chinese logo see here some logo that are not on the original no glock logo here not the magazine even though the original magazine fits in the army replica. and then you also have asg without trademarks then we have an WE version with eh..Few trademarks but not mutch. fake glock logo here. so no glock logo safety at the bottom like every glock we go back to the original one. you can take him apart. lets remove the other glocks for a moment. so.. Here the slide.. here the spring. Pretty Big spring never seen this big of a spring here you have.. eh. the barrel you can remove it as well. then its empty and here you have the Barrel with the glock logo on it. The Barrel in side is metal. put it back together this is a gen.4 you can also see that from the grip type with this model came as well some grips you can put on.. you can put those on the back Including a little pin you gotta push that old pin out. but im not going to do that. Yeah. the bad parts.. is when i got it there was already some damage on the slide like they repainted it i dont know what this means but i seen it on the real steal version as well could not read what it says on real one tho and the ah.serial number i dont know if the serial is original but this is the original glock 17 gen.4 by umarex with collaboration of glock thanks for watching! .


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