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N°6 Sniper Airsoft Scope Cam I ShadowAT62

N°6 Sniper Airsoft Scope Cam I ShadowAT62

Before any questions, take a look at the description of the video. Party organized by the 2WK team. Quaregnon We are taken head-on by the enemy, we decide to bypass on the right .. “Shadow on move” Not gone far Small rush to unlock access I stay in cover it’s quite tense “3 contacts arriving on us, on the left” I take it slightly wider to have a better angle.

“I’ll go upstairs to see what happens! ..” Have a hop up … In any case, I avoid the head as much as possible, Nearly 72 meters for this shot. “Out” Fitness for our Leader friends;) I hate branches! Sorry for that headshot.

I thought he had taken a marble in the face but no 🙂 Hold a head We are going to get a little closer Back up MK23 TM They didn’t see me, I’m waiting for the right opportunity “Is it good? Both of you?” “First me, then he played well” “Pssst” “And shit, OUT” A player was on my right


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