Home Airsoft Cheaters N°5 Sniper Airsoft Scope cam bolt 450fps VaVAnN

N°5 Sniper Airsoft Scope cam bolt 450fps VaVAnN

N°5 Sniper Airsoft Scope cam bolt 450fps VaVAnN

Please go through description before asking questions Small game of 12 players Ok, can’t see that guy , let’s move West-Airsoft.Fr game in France “Gun’s out” “he’s out” here “dymzzz” my sniper friend “he’s out , and I think he was alone” “where he is?” “He’s standing up right-now” “In fact he was aiming you” “really? and he didn’t see you?” “No he didn’t” “I had a twig that was hanging my hood on my back” “release my hood! lol” “I was really stuck” Hmm, too close I measured some distances after the game 48m here (157feet) Wow ! this guys is lucky I didn’t realise my silencer was planted in the grass I thought be under cover here “mother f**/” 🙂 “I feel the BB graze my head” “Do you see something?” “Not, really” “did we let them pass?” “Yep” “shit there going to cross the river” “let them pass” This guys didn’t expect to meet players on that part of the field Thx to the dog for he’s fairplay dymzzz will not resist In a twig In the tactical vest friend at 9 O’clock Ok, this time I’m allone That guys just shoot my friend.

By the way, there is enemy on my 2 o’clock My gun doesn’t make noise, lets try a shoot I was right, there is enemy here. “Bang” If I had not move, you was dead. Han! the bastard, OUtchoutch I think I hit his family jewels Hum to far Game: -capture the flag- Still 20m between me & flag Hum, He probably see me.

I just shot you sniper friend He take 3 bb’s … 43meters (140feet) missing hopup and it’s to hard to sett the pdi hopup in game lol his head again… he’s just moving Nice “You get it?” “yep” lucky me They have no chance to catch the flag Did we get out that spot? “no no, we are go here” “haha, ok” “you will never catch that flag.

.. Na” “that bollé just sucks” “5 minutes, and I have fog” “dymzzz :”shit! miss!” “Mother f.. can’t see anything, that crazy, do you have “bollé”? “yes” “and? you see something right naw? “a little bit” “lol! a little bit?.



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