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N°31 Sniper Airsoft Scope Cam I ShadowAT62

N°31 Sniper Airsoft Scope Cam I ShadowAT62

Hi guys it’s shadow! 2016 is over, we attack 2017 on the field BRICK A good part, a lot of slip and a really bad weather .. I let you discover this video, Ciao !! For this game, two team : Camo vs Civilian I’m Camo for this day +- 50 players on site It is winter, the temperature is around 0 ° C For more details, please read the description .

.. I’m with my budy Geo, he is sniper too “I hit his hand” I film with a JVC everio, the microphone is very sensitive Perfect for more immersion 🙂 Sorry for the wall …;) Let’s time to bypassing “This is not our team in front?” “No!!” I hear noise just behind this wall Let’s Hide.

. MK23 it’s very quiet What the !! *** I hear noise again … I put my sniper on the right, this created a diversion .. Let’s view the best shot of the day… not cool…. THE END!! Thank you all for viewing this video Share your feelings under the video! More and more of you follow me! Big THANKS If you enjoyed, please like & share! 🙂


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