Home Airsoft Cheaters N°26 Sniper Airsoft Scope Cam | Anneux | ShadowAT62

N°26 Sniper Airsoft Scope Cam | Anneux | ShadowAT62

N°26 Sniper Airsoft Scope Cam | Anneux | ShadowAT62

Hello everyone, it’s Shadow! We meet today for a new scope cam on the underground airsoft field based in Anneux. + – 30 players on site We start right away with a sniper hunt followed by a position statement, recovery of briefcase .

.. For this part, Snipers vs the rest of the players ignore the colors of the armbands for this part. Only one life for this scenario, someone approached on my position … unfortunately my MK23 was not released! .

. Last plot before victory! I am in tandem with Swagger who is ten meters behind Our team is blocked by a few opposing players We therefore bypassed to try to unblock the situation … The vegetation is quite dense, moreover the wind was present We can hear the shots of the pair behind In the hood! Swagger is OUT, everyone on this part is medic A player is preventing me from treating him.

Sorry for this rise of Hop up … Not easy to move forward with the ghillie! 😉 Thank you to all the participants on this day! For more information, read the description! Thanks everyone for watching this video! Ciao !!


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