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My WIP DEVGRU 6094A Setup! | Airsoft Loadout

My WIP DEVGRU 6094A Setup! | Airsoft Loadout

hey guys the B viewer you’re here today we’re going to do overview my plate carrier this is a work in progress devgru plate carrier this is in no way finished and I wouldn’t call a kosher just yet so to start out the actual plate carrier is a toy soldier 1694 a in real al r1 I’m just going to start from the center here the magazine pouch is I believe Eagle makes this MTCR pouch in a or one now this holds three mags per pouch and under the flaps the ones on left and right had this little general purpose pouch I don’t know you could use that for and the middle one has two pistol mag pouches in there so it is kind of handy I just picked it up because of that cool accessories I might swap it out for a different triple mag pouch above that I have a toy soldier admin pouch with flashlight or pistol mag pouch I’m not sure which one it is if it’s my pistol mag in there perfectly so I’m going to go ahead and said it’s a pistol mag pouch in real aor1 now to see to my left over here is a toy soldier and better pouch now I’m not gonna use this for my PRC 1 for 8 I’m gonna have that in the cumberbund pouch what I’m gonna use this for is the m79 pirate gun I am using this from the m79 pirate gun instead of the S&S precision holster for it because the S&S holsters not available unless you have DEVGRU so I’m gonna be using this I might have a little Kydex insert made in there for it I’m not sure yet when I get to PI Oregon I’ll figure it out further over to it he’s a Brit kit USA nbg pouch now I have button my blood type and the little cross on there for a medic pouch yeah I put it on there before I had my oil pouch moving on to my right the only thing I have on that side of the cumberbund right now is a fly pouch the one the real deal one is an eagle med v2 but this one’s made by fly I don’t know if I’m gonna buy a real Eagle one the fly patterns alright compared to actual AR one so I may keep it and I have nothing on the back yet my plan sort of this plate carrier is to probably move the general-purpose pouch and the N better pouch around and on the other side of the plate carrier put in a cry double forty mike-mike pouch for the pirate gun and then put that med D to a little farther back on the back panel what I believe I am going to do is on the website if I can get all this on the website put a 70 ounce hydration carrier I neither gonna get a toy soldier 1 or a real one because semapo doesn’t make one and on the right side I am going to put two semapo semapo excuse me slap charge pouches which I am gonna put flex cuffs in because I do go to some games where flex cuffs are allowed if I go to a game that does not allow them I’m gonna put in some dummy c4 other charges other than that those are my plans for this plate carrier I’m also going to put in some training plates the ones that are the real real weight excuse me – the actual plates if you have any questions about this or any suggestions and what I could do to make this more appropriate for a dead group kit let me know in the comment section below I am gonna be modeling this around a 2011-2012 devgru kit thank you guys for watching


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