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Ignite them Hey, what’s up guys in this video? I’m going to guide you through all the grenades that I’ve been using the past eight years I will tell you what I don’t like about and what I like about them. What makes it good what makes them suck So first of all why should you use grenades, grenades are just those little warriors that you have in your pocket? And you can you know you can just let them fight them you pull the pin is throwing through a room Done all enemies down there otherwise you would have you know expose yourself. You might get shot And that’s we want to avoid of course but does not just frag grenades there’s also smoke grenades which allows you to You know build cover where there is no cover and then you also have those flash bangs right here? Which I never use because they are allowed nowhere, but the basic idea would be overwhelming the eyes so that the enemy can’t see Okay, let’s get started the first ever grenades that I’ve been using and that’s a grenade that I’ve been using a lot and for those who have been following me for a long time.They know I’m a big fan of the airsoft Innovation Tornado grenade They work it is quite. Actually it’s not easy it it’s its actually little bit difficult to to arm them. So you just disassemble them right here then In the head you have this super fancy complicated Mechanism which is a Tower of washers and once it impacts this tower breaks, and it lets the grenade go off You fill it with green gas you also put BB’s inside Let me show you this real quick So we can actually throw it inside the studio which is probably not the best idea because somebody has to clean it up and It’s going to be me now this grenade can hold I think 200 BB’s which is kind of a waste, but you know just use the crappiest BB’s you have lying around All of us airsofters have those Toys-R-us BB’s at home or those warm up BB’s so just use those All right, then you fill it with gas Here on the bottom pull the pin and then you throw it That’s not a good idea okay, that’s how it works just spills BB’s all over the place very reliable Grenade One of my favorite ones, I’m still using it even though.There’s newer generations out there, but that still my go to grenade Now with this grenade. I did a million kills You know once I started using it. I realized how important grenades are actually for an airsoft player. There’s just so many situations Which you could never solve without a grenade
maybe there’s you know five people Standing right next to each other, so it would be really hard to take them out with just a side arm you just throw in a grenade you can clear rooms you can just attack people From an angle where you can’t see them.Now airsoft innovations came out with a new version That’s the cyclone grenade that one right here works in a very similar way, you fill it with BB’s, you fill it with gas Impact grenade so once it impacts, goes off They sent me I think 25 of those and I did a grenade only video if you haven’t seen it go check it out Here’s a little preview And those grenades are great because of the price But then I’m not a big fan of them because they break very easily when we did this grenade only challenge You know we didn’t really take care of the grenades because we had so many of them We just tossed them like crazy against the wall so that they go off because sometimes due to the sand at the game area on the ground. They didn’t you know they didn’t go off So we just threw them so hard that they kept breaking over and over we started with 25 grenades I think we ended up with 11 working ones after one day and that’s, you know even if they are cheap What’s the point if they break so fast? And what they also did they made this spoon right here Which means when you throw it you pull out the pin then you have to pin already which you know you have to Store somewhere you have to put it in your pocket which takes time Then you throw it and this fucking spoon here flies away, and without the spoon.It doesn’t work, so It’s just too many parts its Just such a hassle. Then people step on the spoon they break there are replacement kits for the spoons, but I mean Why did they design with the spoon if they would just make a hole on different spot you can just secure this Igniter right here just with the pin So I’m really not a fan of cyclone over the way it assembles the way it feels it just feels cheap It’s all made of plastic if you compare it to the Tornado Grenade yeah, this one feels value this one is just piece of plastic Not as other competitors out there. I’ve used the socs negra sox nox soxna some spain manufacture I think it is it’s completely Aluminium made grenades so it’s really heavy and you put the BB’s in from the side very cool concept i think But i’ve used it for one game and every time I pulled the pin when I was about to throw it it just went off in my hands and
all the BB’s just threw right in my face, so Not a big fan.Also they are really heavy So when you throw them you always fear that you i don’t know kill somebody with it if this thing hits you on the head And you don’t have a helmet you got a knockout for sure, those are heavy too but you know There’s the plastic around so the metal doesn’t hit you directly if it you know for some reason impacts on your head But the sox is just it’s like throwing a stone at People. ow airsoft innovations, just came out with a new grenade. It’s the burst XL and they sent me three of them Thanks a lot airsoft innovations Those are currently my go-to grenades. They just, they feel so, they feels so good I mean, they are all made of metal its all CNC’d and they are a lot easier to use than those two because it means a lot of time it’s a lot of hassle to arm those again For those is just man you You unscrew them and you put those Tiny thin disks here those are the disks that make the loud bang noise when they impact just screwed on their Gas goes inside here to the valve and That’s really it now the grenade is already armed.Lets have a, lets see if it works use something that wont damage this table Yeah, fuck they’re loud They are loud, but they are not too loud. I mean we’re indoors here, and my ears are not ringing so they make the perfect amount of noise and Even though they don’t eject the BBs. Which. I really like I just like that they are so convenient to use Now I did have some issues with the grenade sometimes they didn’t go off, but it’s just minor issues for now Those are the way to go I think there are other competitors out there like the kimera one I’ve heard very good things about those. I haven’t tried in myself. I I think I have give them a try but for now I’m just going to stick with those since i already have them what I don’t like about them is and that’s Downside but also an advantage.They don’t eject BB’s So I had this situation where you know I threw it into a room And then you know, I think all people are down I go after the grenade and people shoot me, then it’s a discussion no BB hits me So people are very used to those grenades and they eject BBs. And if you use those sometimes they just don’t You know they don’t call the hit because there’s no BB hitting them Now next are my favorite smoke grenades. Those are made by Enola gaye It is actually the only brand that I tried so far, but they
always work they make a huge load of Smoke so I don’t see any reason try anything different. Also i get them for free, so That’s why I use them Yeah, as I say they work all the time. It’s just very easy to use you pull the pin I’m not going to do it here because I’m inside my flat, so I Don’t want the firefighters to stop by but you just pull the pin you throw them makes a huge amount of smoke I will need one problem once it was the video where I smoked a bunch of people out in the hut Used the, before I threw this smoke grenade.I pulled the pin of another one, and it just I don’t know it just popped in my hand and there was no smoke it just made a loud noise like from a Frag grenade, but that’s really the only share i had with the Enola gaye smoke grenades They’re also coal burning which means you cant burn down a forest. Which is really nice you know a great product Then they also make those thunder flash here I’ve never used those because they’re allowed nowhere. I know you can use them in united States and in Russia, but in Europe They’re just you know they too loud makes your ear ring So I do understand why they don’t allow them, but still if there’s a game that allows them I’m going to throw them because I have I think 30 of those And it’s nice you don’t have to run after them and search for them because if you throw one of those you’re throwing I think 50 us dollars into a room and if you can find anymore or somebody steals it for whatever reason You know you lost fifty dollars and for those you just throw it, and you don’t have to care about it anymore now how do those work you just twist them off Then you ignite them yeah, that’s how they work ah poor neighbors Yeah, those are the smoke grenades that I’ve been using so far again go check out the cyclone Grenade only video Great one then you can also check out the video where I smoked a bunch of people out of a hut with a smoke grenade Which is not the way you should use those I mean they’re there to make cover not to you know smoke them out like a bunch of bees Yeah, hope you guys enjoyed the video and I’ll see you guys for another gameplay on Thursday


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