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my high speed low drag airsoft loadout

my high speed low drag airsoft loadout

this is going to be my load up video I’m not going to be wearing it because it’s just easier for me to do it like this but let’s start this is my high-speed low-drag raid like I like running light don’t like carrying too much stuff um if this is baked this built off the only tech battle belt in the only tech H harness um it’s not the belt the riggers belt that I tell you too that you should have in it but i’m not gonna spend thirty dollars on the belt so on our left side left side i have a triple double stack AK pouch which this whole thing holds six mags and use the ares 30-round made capacity magazines don’t worry about that none of this on my right side i have the EMP stealth pistol lanyard for my pistol and then a double-double sack em for I mean AK pouch and my back one has a high caste a backup aye Cap’n in my back I have an OE tech EMT pouch with a Grimlock to chem lights and inside this is what i have i always carry anti-fog spray barrel plug electrical tape um a pen some sharpies and uh first aid with small little first-aid kit which is always next to have case someone gets hurt um and then my sling i use is the blackhawk oh one point storm sling this is a very nice sling it’s got a match clip in here under this elastic plastic helps it like rattling around um it’s got a plastic buckle but that cheap at all it is a spot goes tested up to 300 pounds um so can’t really go the Justice of course very nice sling might be able to find a better one but this is the this is a nice one right here only 30 i got this 30 bucks a targian mountain so yeah and there’s one thing about this I do carry a hydration pack but it’s uh no more like backpack type it doesn’t have Molly on it so I just don’t wear it on here but uh and then just H honest which I’ve carrageenan which I attach my Thunder bees too um and I had a tape these off because they would normally hang down to about my knees so I taped all the extra space off um that’s basically it for my loadout


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