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My first Airsoft Sniper Gameplay – Sniperbuddy Fabi

My first Airsoft Sniper Gameplay – Sniperbuddy Fabi

Hello guys! Welcome to my new sniper gameplay! The first round of today is a team deathmatch. So lean back and enjoy it! And don’t forget to leave a like and a sub. I managed to get close to the enemy’s base.

I wait now for the respawn, to take out some opponents. I missed. I have to change my position, so the enemy sniper can’t spot me untill my next shot. Missed again. He already has a clue where I’m hiding.

I need to take him out! I tried to get out of the building and flank him from the side. Got him. Unfortunately, another player sneaked up on me, and got me. Oh, $%&/! My legs! It is the third day when I’m playing airsoft, and my legs hurt as fuck.

New game mode is capture-the-flag. Silo Novritsch and I tried to rush you to enemy’s flag, and get it before the enemy managed to get close to it. Oh boy! We were too slow, and got hit. Can you hold it up? yes! I’m going from the bottom! It’s actually pretty heavy! You got it? Yeah! What’s up? Oh, I can sit like.

.. Can’t do that! No no no! You do that like: I’m running behind you, put your arms in, and I’m doing like… that! Yeah! And up… And down… Tired boi! I’m trying as hard as I can! Last round for today! Once agin, I used the tunnel system, to get behind the enemies.

Hit! In this gamemode, some players are dressed as ghosts. Cannot kill them, but if they touch you, you’re out. We need to take out all enemy players in front, before the ghost managed to get us. The ghost is right behind us.

We need to run! Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy! F#%&@ ghost! Yeah, yeah! I know Silo and I tried to hide in the bushes, but the ghost already spotted us. Ghost scum! Let’s go! Aahh! Oh, f$%& me! Ok guys, I hope you enjoyed this gameplay! Thank you for subcribing and sharing my videos! I know you’re really excited who won the giveaway, and this is the lucky person.

I already contacted him, and he will receive his… …awsome SSG-24 in the near future! This is Fabi, see you guys in the next video!


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