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My Airsoft Loadout

My Airsoft Loadout

guys Chris here with black killer sauce and I have my airsoft load up for you guys this is normally what I will use in my airsoft game you’re so for whatever depends it varies what can I use and stuff so so let’s just start off with equipment for my head I will generally use these glasses um a lower face mask and my helmet if it is um an actual like place where you have to go in sign waivers and stuff and you can’t use this I’ll generally just wear a facemask so I don’t have a face that’s with me because I solo album I don’t want to but I’ll generally just use a face mask of course I do use my tactical vest a lot of people say where you should use like chest rigs or chest plates and stuff I don’t like those so I have plenty of space on the back here so I can put whatever I want on so I just like tactical vests on I mean I’m not saying you everybody should use one but i prefer them so for hands i will use my JT airsoft gloves that’s that for clothing and stuff if it’s you know not like a two-on-two or something I’ll generally use camouflage clothes such as i will use camouflage pants and i will use a camouflage shirt and I do use um winter or summer I do use boots because having shoes in yourself or a good situation okay next up is the stuff on the table here I do use sometimes if it’s a little big and I’d have more than two walkie-talkies I do use two way radios to communicate with the rest of my team that is pretty useful so a lot of you say that it’s just kind of dumb to use them but I like it so next is i will use i’ll have three here so i will use three Thunder bees and I do need to get more um pouches on my best for more magazines because my three hundreds only leave me with one spot left i believe so i do these three Thunder be grenades that’s in there my secondary weapon is my black ops blowback scorpion so I’ll have that right here that’s from a secondary and depending on where we go this would be my general um I guess you can say trying to c QV but this isn’t it’s not i guess you could say woodland airsoft reading it doesn’t really have a high enough velocity personally I think I i would like to upgrade the motor and put Emma 30 spring in it before I do use this in loveland airsoft in the summertime um if it’s you know woodland airsoft and stuff like that bigger area I will use my Thompson submachine gun because it does the job in the wintertime if it’s woodland airsoft you know bigger type field I will use my AK 47 so just because it’s um I do another have this ak-47 break them I Thompson so yeah so I do believe that is it guys that is my load up for you um if you like this video you can like comment and subscribe so I do appreciate it I will see you in the next video peace out


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