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My airsoft loadout (black/spec ops)

My airsoft loadout (black/spec ops)

all right here’s a another load out video for you this one’s a little bit different from my friends cuz I’m mom more of a spec ups Black Russian loadout kind of I guess um so let’s get started anyhow so start off if my cat doesn’t get in the way this is my helmet right here 40 bucks for the helmet not a real military helmet but hey it’ll protect you from getting bb’s in the back of your head which hurts like a [ __ ] by the way um here’s my desert locusts goggles i bought these use so i got them for cheap but if you want to get a good pair you’re most likely looking in the forty to sixty dollar range i think i’m not sure i will post a link to it in description ski mask cuz my field makes me wear whole face mask and i really don’t feel like wearing one so this was about twenty bucks now let’s move down and my cat is in the way but this is literally just a code i use that I thought looked like a spec ops black top it’s not really but I kind of prefer it it’s a little bit more thick so the bb’s don’t hit you as hard not that I really care but still that was probably like 40 bucks I literally think i got like american eagle I just thought it went well so um this right here you can’t really see it too well because my cats on top of it I’ll take a picture of me wearing all this later but this is my ak-47 chest rig it fits eight mags two mags in each pouch for pouches has two utility boxes and I got the boxes patches but um I got this for 23 bucks i think on airsoft GI really good deal there and let’s move this way now take this into light cuz can’t see it this is my drop pouch i bought it at a local military store 40 bucks now 20 sorry but my number screwed up here it’s just cuz i know okay now here’s my spring m9 i use a spring gun personally just cuz the field I go out to is an outdoor field so you’re not really in very close range where you would actually use a pistol so that’s why I use a spring pistol 40 bucks for that um right here this is my ak-47 I forget the full name of it but i will post a link to it now this was 230 ish I think um the sling does not come with it though but 230 ish it shoots 410 FPS which is a little hot you might want to get one that shoots a little bit less or get a new spring for it because yeah for 10 you might be deny at some fields now down here these are my spec ops black tru spec spec ops black pants BDU um these were 32 bucks i bought these off of once again local military store but i believe you can find these on airsoft GI websites like that maybe even local business sites I don’t know but uh final piece of my loadout all right here my boots seas are just mountain climbing boots I don’t actually have a combat boots yet I’m not sure if I want to get them but uh cuz he’s and general work just fine but there’s my loadout aligned amongst the floor now i will take a video of me actually wearing it all to see what you look like um keep in mind some things in this loadout you don’t really need like if you’re over 18 your field most likely will let you get away without having some kind of thing over your face you might just need goggles but uh i think that’s about it um don’t really need a helmet I just prefer to wear one cuz I don’t like having babies in the back of my head because it stings a lot and that’s about it alright so this is what my loadout looks like on me just a rough out edu my AK forty-sevens over it here don’t really know if you can see it bring it up right here one thing one call and I kind of have about this load up that could just be my own stupidity fight when you’re mag is empty I find it to be a very big pain in the ass to get it into the drop out but that could just be that I need to train a little bit on it but uh it’s about it for my loadout one thing that I did forget to mention though that I wanted to I don’t actually have but I recommend i don’t have welts here but i do recommend you buy so they’re not extremely expensive but uh here um is my theory neco shots hurts like a [ __ ] belleville if gonna screw it up here but and yeah that can be easily fix oh but here’s my loadout oh I got everything hope you enjoy and that’s about it this load out by the way if your air something in summer might wanna minus the coat mmm possibly this if you can cuz you will get extremely hot me personally I’m or airsoft in winter so it’s not as big a concern but yeah if your air selfing summer this is going to be very very hot fair warning edit and see you later


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