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Multicam/Tan Loadout 2013

Multicam/Tan Loadout 2013

hey guys Jake here today I’m going to be going over my multicam and tan loadout there will be reviews coming out on all the gear that I choose to review just click on the annotation when it’s up in this video oh yeah so let’s start the gun the gun here is a GG of m4 sopmod I’ve got a holographic on if I thought to replica stubby tangle down for drug on you TG tan rail covers and I’ve got macro magazine cysts on my mag as you can see here too they help a lot them quicker taking them on put them in Oh but yet so uh yet I’ve got a tan more grip right there after the channel gun oh yeah it’s a really nice gun get a lot of kills this but yeah that’s the body up here we’ve got the fast carbon helmet in tan I’ve just got an American flag patch on the side and I’ve got my I heart and floor patch on the other side this is where I melt my GoPro the mvg bow right here I’ve got the left and the G mount to the GoPro put it right there so I get all my footage from works out great um I’m wearing black jack tan flat Jack’s goggles got these on a bike for like $30 I think but they’re really nice goggles I haven’t had any problems with them yet no fogging they’re really well ventilated and I wear those over my fat stomach because it works out better putting them on top of the mesh mask I out here this is just a tan mesh mask so I protect my face for full face protection and then I’m wearing on contact twos replica contact twos they work great for communicating with your teammates get the wire right here thumbs down and click right here on the push-to-talk and I can put that up for my radio and talk to any teammates yeah I think that’s about it for the headgear I’m just going to take this stuff off and continue alright now that all that stuff is off um two things I got to show you here um one this is a just a neck wrap that you can put around your neck and over your face I do this just so that the mesh isn’t so pressed up against my face it kinds of kind of makes it more comfortable so I wear that under it um yeah and then I have my Vulcan face mask this is when I’m not playing at combat or stuff because coming airsoft is the only place as right now that will let you wear goggles with the mesh mask so I got this for when I play like Twin Cities airsoft or possibly big like tactical but mainly Twin Cities airsoft I got this right here and it’s really great I have I used it once at combat in it uh no fogging oh it’s just great I can use it that much but I haven’t had any problems yet so hope that continues yeah it’s a really nice mask already with a gun so just tape this up it’s the sling here for the gun it’s just a sling that I got off my gun bag for this and it actually hooks up well to the sling mount right there just put them both on there it’s like a one point sling it works out great flush take that home alright so I have a tan and black shemagh right here for a neck protection and for that special operator kind of look and it just it feels comfortable and it provides neck protection um the best here is a Lancer tactical vest I don’t know which exact vest it is because they have a lot of them but this one has the full backing on the back in the full sides Mali all around on the front here I’ve got the admin panel I’ve got patch and then here I sometimes hold magazines but right now I’m just holding a sports smoke smoke grenade um for cover when we need to move get to an objective I got a smoke grenade when you cover um it does come with a lot of pouches but I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to just the main three right here and these are double those that you can put two mags in each pouch so I could fit six here but I just run three plus one and the gun so four mags all together it makes you a lot more light and high-speed move around I got nothing on the sides here getting the way of my arms so I’m ready I’m ready to move um makes it a lot more comfortable and lighter um on the back I put the accessory pouch on the back here that holds my radio on the wires hooked up to my radio or in there um I’ve sprinkled that on the back um yeah I’ve got my pressure tag on the side here so I can still shoot and I can press on the push attack that’s about it for the vest on a tan vest um on my waist here I’ve got my condor tornado holster I just got that on a belt it’s not like a battle belt or anything but I just kind of put them all through it it wobbles a little but it’s better than nothing so that holds my m9 w e m9 and tan um really nice gun holds 26 rounds yeah nice going that’s where I hold it right here quick access nice and easy velcro to hold it in um yeah my gloves here are Terminator style Terminator style half finger gloves um I do have a Tam pair of hard knuckle gloves but I came back to these just because they’re so comfortable and are a lot easier to use and my fingers are free to like work with gear or mag leases or easier shooting so that’s why I use these instead I like them a lot more they’re really great gloves I would suggest getting some they’re not that expensive either um I have a massive combat shirt in multicam um this is fire resistant so if I ever catch on fire it will resist it I guess yeah um and I’ve got a airsoft station patch go check them out otherwise if you don’t check out their website they have a store in Oakdale Minnesota um it’s right by the car Mike Oakdale theater if you know where that is so you can go check them out uh yeah I think that’s pretty much it for the loadout I just wear a tan on a cargo pant cargo pants um because they look more tactical than jeans um boots I don’t have any special boots I just got some whole pair of boots I got Walmart but they work fine um yeah that’s my multicam and tan loadout I hope you enjoyed like comment subscribe for more great videos thanks


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