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Multicam Loadout Update (July 2015) – Haley Strategic Flatpack

Multicam Loadout Update (July 2015) – Haley Strategic Flatpack

what’s up guys long time no see it’s been a very long time since I’ve made a video um last video I made my last falooda video was probably in September so it’s been almost a year so I’m quite due for an update as you can notice the sauna gear stand it’s a mini gear stand I like to call it the specs on Google that I looked up we’re a little taller so I shortened it down a little bit so it’s a little more compact and can fit in better places but as you can tell still running the jpc setup has worked great for me so far a platform that hasn’t failed me yet I haven’t had the need to upgrade to an ABS or the jpc 2.

0 I feel like the jpc 2.0 is a little overpriced and unnecessary if you wanted something like that just go for the ABS so starting off with my helmet same base FMA marry time the only big difference is that I am running the OP score fast helmet cover I ordered this off of T MVC as ops core marry time cover but they sent me the wrong one so I just decided to stick with it since it did fit my helmet and still looks nice so the helmet cover is a small medium and the FMA is a medium large and it fits perfectly so if you were to get if you had a large extra-large helmet go for the medium long is that right yeah anyways FMA all 4G 24 on the front on the side I have the contact twos on the arc rail adapter and in the back I have a toy soldier counterweight pouch I just stick a little bit cords for my contacts two in the back so they don’t get in the way but this is a really nice counterweight pouch it holds a lot of batteries right now I have four double-a Zandt six zero one two threes inside and that’s pretty much it for the helmet as you can see I have a little FML for g24 box up here because I forgot to take into account my contact to use when making the big gear stand alright moving down to my second line gear I changed it quite a bit to make a little more lightweight and fit me better I removed my it just GI taco pouches in the front and replaced it with a double pistol mag pouch by tactical tailor very nice pouch you can have it open flap or you can also close it from here there’s also a magnet inside so if you have a pistol it will hold it and retain it without needing the flap and it’s a very tight 3m port pouches in the front a jumbo a jumbo multicam flag and the other pouch that I got is the Faro concepts dangler pouch this is probably my favorite pouch since I use it the most if I need to access something quickly this is the pouch I go to has a lot of room right now I’m just holding a lot of chem-lights notepad some pens and also on the inside is a shotgun holder shotgun shell holder there’s velcro on the inside thigh stick it too or if I wanted to I can stick on the outside the only thing I don’t like about this dangler pouch is the is the velcro on the front I don’t really use it so it’s not very necessary but at least it’s in multicam so it still blends in with environment on the right side of my cummerbund I have my pair gloves I have my medical shears inside my embitter pouch the cry frog pouch holding just banded roll since I have nothing else to put inside right now the cry five-by-five GP pouch with the SSC bag really nice bag so on my left cummerbund I have the milsim West tourniquet very nice concept for milsim games if I’m not running this I’m running my actual tourniquet I finally got a radio this is the bowel Fang radio I’m not sure which brand it’s the newer one I believe it’s like called the f8 plus or something like that I’m running it with an extended battery to give you some girth and so that I can fit in my embroider pouch nicely without sagging all the way down battery lasts a long time I still haven’t charged it yet but then again I haven’t played a game in a long time and my last pouch that I have is the tier tactical tearaway IFAC luckily I’ve I had the need to use it yet moving to the rear this is the last piece of kit on my second line this is the Haley strategic flat pack loving the pack so far I’m not and I’ve only had it for a hot minute I was due for an upgrade since I was running the TMC matte pack for the longest time I wasn’t really digging it so decided to go with this test it out since not a lot of people have it on the market great pack a very compact if you have it in this mode but he needed to store more things you can easily open expand it by unzipping these outer zippers so that expands all the way out I’ve been able to fit an eagle our army in the top pouch easily so you can imagine what you could store in there it has three pockets one on the bottom one in the middle this one goes all the way down so we can store whatever you want in there and the big pocket right here I just have the shoulder straps if you wanted to run as a backpack in here and in the back there’s a little opening to put your hydration through lastly my first line the crack precision mrb nothing really different besides I’ve changed the fast bag to my hsgi taco right here I still have the two pistol tacos still have the tactical tailor dump pouch and still have the same Falcon Kydex Kydex holster hold on my clock with the tlr-1 HL flashlight and that’s pretty much it oh I did forget to mention that my radio is wired to the back right here using a two-foot extension and yeah that’s pretty much it changed my second line a lot first line is still the same the helmet is a little bit different but generally all in all same setup if you have any questions just let me know in the comments below I’ll make sure I’ll try to answer them if it’s not really answered in the video or if you can’t just google the question but yeah


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