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MTP/Multicam Airsoft loadout (ICS l85a2) 2014

MTP/Multicam Airsoft loadout (ICS l85a2) 2014

hello and on my intermediate MTP Lord elf this is Richard from the northern airsofters and I’m going to take you through what I use as something Stein off I’ll show you what I have on my head first of all have these glasses that I use I’m not sure exactly I got these off eBay for about 8 pound the were it said that they were bulletproof on it like profit bulletproof and it had a picture on there of apparently when they’d been shot by a shotgun and it was it defended from the shotgun and they were still intact but I was still a bit skeptical about this so I didn’t actually try it out with one of my airsoft guns and it merely put two with two shots it just put two tiny little smudges in the in the glasses which were just rubbed off afterwards so these are actually here pretty good and reliable classes to use the are yellow that’s mainly because i got the reefers for a night game and I’m just using em since then for general I saw stuff but they are quite good as far as I and here I have my half face mask I got this from Pro airsoft supplies from the actual shop I think use about 10 pounds but the good thing about this one is that actually with the heat if you face it molds to your face eventually so it’s quite a nice fit and it’s very it’s the mesh on it makes it very protective against bb’s so what’s my mask my balaclava that are usually where I’ve got this from my local eat local army surplus shop it is actually a skiing balaclava but you can pull this down all your face and it is good for good for airsoft as well and so that’s what I wear on my head I’m now going to move on to body lose weapons now moving on to weapons my main primary weapon that I have here is my ICS l85a2 you may remember this from my review that I did a while ago and I did say I want mentioned a lot of downsides about this weapon I’ve sent it back and a husband repaired the for me parts had been replaced and turns out the last one had faulty parts in the first place so I might have reviewed this later and hopefully you can all exceed my expectations if they’ve gone in general and I’ll probably be a lot more effective than the last one not hard so you may notice there is not in two-tone with due to British loss Goodin’s need to be two-toned if you are under 18 and don’t have a you car or license so they need to be painted right half bright green or orange or some kind of probably color to show there is not a real good although when I bought this from 0-1 airsoft they must have forgotten to toot on it or something like that but that is a benefit for me because now it just looks a hell of a lot better than having it in bright green so that is my primary weapon a touch to my primary weapon I have a standard British army issue SAE sling is actually a very good design it you can clip it up like this if you just want to have it close to your body if you’re just walking around and let go and just ignore worry about it you can even push it onto your back if you just want to keep it out the way if you want to do anything in particular happy when you come to fire it has a quick-release clip there which you can then pull down and even have it in a position like that position like that you can fire it from this position so that is my le t5 into my primary weapon for my secondary have a kid will be where Glock 19 I’m not exactly sure why it’s called Glock 19 maybe because of licensing licensing issues or something like that but I believe that it’s based on the clock 17 it is actually my dad’s old pistol so it’s about 20 years old and it still works just how it did buck when he first got it and it is a very effective gun still and it is even more affecting some of the pistols that are that are used by my friends who were just recently bought so that was my weapons and now I’ll move on to primary the clothing that I’m wearing I’m not making lots of clothing that i wear for airsoft starting off with my multicam play carry that i have it isn’t in british army MTP i what to get in american movie come as the MTP play carriers and assault vests are much are very very expensive asian about 150 pounds which for those of you who are experienced to their stuff that might not be that expensive puts our thoughts are with at this multi company korean I got from eBay for about 40 48 pounds but it is it does the job it’s quite currently came with the pouches already with it but there’s not currently nothing in that bore you as usually have to and my hike up my cleans in their general stuff like grenades and things in this pouch with I’ll use the other brish fly touch on there I don’t have that with me a little moving on to jacket our British army issue MTP jackets with intact patch on there which is my local airsoft site which I am a member of on an airsoft world patch on that side this jackets this issue fat from to the British Army if you’re in Britain you could probably get it from any of your local army surplus shops usually the chuck it would cost a flea in the 20 to 30 pound area but the full uniform would add up usually to about 80 pounds there may be lots what I’m wearing for the trousers again british army issue MTP trousers MTP standing for multi-terrain pattern the these would then probably fall into the 10 mark at 10 pound mark for free from the uniform if you want to go from simpler shop and for the holster I’m where I got this from Milky first for about 14 pounds I’m not exactly sure what what make it was but it is dummy well it is a quite loose around there on the thigh BOTS due to the attachment up to the belt it does stay quite stable and when I’m only doesn’t tend to shake about that much especially if you got something in me pocket kind of pull it out a bit and makes it a bit tire so it’s probably not the best cost at a half but it does the job if you looking for something cheap and something uniform like this for on my hands I’m wearing this Viper special special operations gloves I got this again from pro-ice off supplies from their shop I think these were about again like 10 about 10 pounds you could have got ones with hard hard knuckle gloves for an extra five pounds but I didn’t have the right money only at the time so I decided to get these instead these are they don’t offer much protection as I’ve had experience with they do we don’t tend to stop peepees from hurting but did you look quite good with with the uniform and keep your hands warm really close and finally on my feet I’m wearing these Matterhorn boots and of these again all my dad’s at one point so they are about 20 years old and they are still in good working condition they are cortex insulated saw or obviously waterproof and definitely keep those people uncomfortable when you’re doing airsoft the one thing is with the one thing with it is that they are very expensive I think now they usually fall around the 200 to 250 pound mark for at the time and I’ve got these for about 120 pounds which at the time was quite quite a lot more than it is now but they’re still cheaper than still quite a lot cheaper now but they’re definitely worth the price if they’ve got a last shoe 20 years so that was my intermediate MTP British British Army or one else and yeah stay tuned for videos every Saturday on our Channel this was Richard Jones from the Norman airsofters please like favorite and subscribe hopefully I’ll see you next


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