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MTP Airsoft Loadout, British Army Impression, G&G L85A2

MTP Airsoft Loadout, British Army Impression, G&G L85A2

well there in this video I’ll be doing an overview of my British Army MTP impression so if you ever got MTP you backs under body armor combat shirt top and it’s got two pockets leave the shoulder and rocker panels as well ntp trousers these are the earlier issue ones which have button pockets as opposed to the new ones which I have for a tan t-shirt mark six helmet with MTP helmet cover almost got the MTP strips of material and tied those on to the elastic there was a lot of replica MVD mate phelps then got tank plce type belt or a blackhawk Rigger’s belt and find these oakley cliffs bullion that use is the mark for off spray and here I’ve got a commander’s pouch with pistol magazine it’s also got the strap for attaching to the rear slings for Vaughn weapon in the SAT and the medical pouch for the wire pouches and utility pouch in case they need to carry more equipment I’ve got this tan code de sac which has got the large compartment so you’ve put in a papist into this large pocket on the outside on the top there and a large pocket on the back yet it’s also got all this Molly so you can touch more pouches onto there for any other extra equipment and it’s also got a removable belt from the other side there and that’s also got Molly on it as well so you can also remove that and use it just as a a standalone battle belt the secondary weapon that you use is the w/e Glock 17 but the pistol lanyard on there and this holster which will sort of slot there for putting in another magazine into finally then the prong weapon that you used was an airsoft GMG l85a2 and here I’ve got the vortex brush Lemaitre oh and I want make my element which is the light laser module a GPS 0 2 which is a brick road system daniel defense Braille system Magpul tang rail covers then here I’ve got a full times magnification replica ACOG on the rail razor what’s got the doctor site with dr.

Winn mount and over here the Magpul Emacs which are double windowed and as well a standard-issue C so the city’s been some help and feel free to comment rate subscribe and also you feel free to check out a Facebook page


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