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MP7 Airsoft Loadout

what’s going on guys time to be doing a video of my kwa mp7 indoor airsoft loadout pretty much all the gear you see on me is purchased on the internet from various places but without further ado let’s get into this alright so starting with my head I have the Emerson fast PJ either PJ or BJ type of a helmet I can’t remember if it’s pair jumping or BASE jumping helmet but it’s made by Emerson it’s tan and it has the OCC dial in the back we’re chose you to adjust the helmet to your head on top my helmet I have the GoPro Hero 3 white edition which I used to record all my gameplay a striker Hudson Valley all those places next for my head I have the Smiths optics buggy regulators these were around 40 dollars on airsoft GI comm they’re brand new I’ve never actually used them in the game yet but they’re pretty oil profile so I’m gonna have no difficulty aiming down my sights or whatnot normally when I play your self indoors I would be using an iron face mesh face mask but for the purposes of the video which is easier for me to present you my dear without having this on my face moving downward on my loadout I’ve the condor Cobra one point bungee sling it’s um it’s pretty nice it’s in multicam and it’s actually the only piece of condor I used on this kit and as you can see attaches to my mp7 via the mp7 sling adapter speaking of the gun I have the kwa MPM this one has the downgraded air nozzle so that way I can actually use it in door because without it shooting around 400 on top of the rail I have the GNP micro red dot is a replica of the t1 aim point obviously it’s not actually the t1 aim point because those go for like $1,000 throw I think I’m using the streamlight tlr-2 HL this one has a strobe on it and it’s around 630 lumens so it’s pretty bright it’s gonna pretty much disorient anyone who comes across this for a plate carrier I’m running the Mayflower APC this is obviously in coyote brown small / medium size and mounted on top I have the tactical Taylor small admin pouch currently holding nothing but I do typically keep a Leatherman in there just in case if I have to open up a part of my gun and fix something whatnot for hand where I’m using the Blackhawk coyote brown gloves these are like 50% Kevlar and the rest are like ghost skin or something don’t remember the actual model name but they’re pretty nice I’ve been using them for a couple of years now and I’ve only had one smaller rip but that was easily mended moving downward on my kit I have the tactical tailor in battle belt obviously in coyote brown medium / large size and on top of it I’m using the tactical tailor pistol holster weaved through moly actually I’m Alice clips and in it is my kwa m9 PTP and in back I have the hsgi utility pouch which just holds a speed order at the moment moving to the other side I have a double pistol mag pouch made by tactical tailor once again in it I have one kwa m9 PTP mag and in the other one I believe is nothing at the moment but I typically keep a speed loader in there next to the pistol mag pouch I am using the tactical tailor m4 mag pouch you’re probably wondering why I have that on an mp7 rag the answer is when I use my cqr which I might make a load up for as well when I use my cqr I’ll have an extra mag right here just in case if I need an emergency mag moving a little bit downward I have the tactical tailor dump pouch I’m unfortunately not a big fan of it because of this reason right here which is it closes up on itself with the velcro and when you go to drop the mag it’s gonna be closed up and you’ll miss so that’s not really a good design on tactical tailors part but it’ll do the job for now moving downward once again I have the generic army brand tricolor desert this is just military surplus I got an army-navy store pretty standard stuff just tricolor desert like I said on top of my pants I’m using the hatch extact kneepads I’ve been using these for a couple year now and they’ve been holding up just fine they don’t slide down and they are kind of fitted to your knee like an L shape so they give you extra comfort and at the very bottom of my kit I am using the 5-11 a tax peyote brown boots I’ve also been using these for a few years now and they’ve been holding up just fine been using them with my multicam kit and now I’m using with my desert kit so here they’re pretty nice boots alright guys so that about wraps it up for my loadout in a few weeks from now I’m be heading over to Stryker you can see me using this kit if you see me and say hi and as always like the video comment and subscribe


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