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MOS Arcturus Centaur B


I hold in my hands the first airsoft replica of Slovenian carbine REX AKB-15 Replica was made by MOS Airsoft A name of this replica is Arcturus Centaur B Keeping the newest MOS airsoft replica in hands it is impossible to resist the impression that this a very fresh design. Without any knowledge about Slovenian carbine REX AKB-15 you will have impression that it is some mix between Soviet and American way of thinking. A regulation of Hop Up system is standard for the AK replica family It works smooth and correctly. A unique for this model receiver cover as monolit with front handguard is made in CNC technology of anodized aluminium. Handguard is in M-Lok system but on the bottom you will find a RIS rail.A body of this replika is made of pressed steel The only markings which you will find on the left side of handguard It is an Arcturus logo and the serial number of the replica As for the AK replica standard there are also fire mode markings And that would be all according to markings on this replica A pistol grip, as in the real firearm is based on MOE Magpul AK+ project Regulated, six-step butt stock is also based on Magpul project for the ACR Carbine Unfortunately, regulation needs experience and it is not as easy as we could expect. Butt stock has also regulated two set baka Butt stock has an internal brake after being folded. There is no latch. A socket of butt stock is made of steel. Outer barrel is alluminium made and it is crowned by compensator made of steel.Other steel elements are: Dummy gas chamber Magazine latch Trigger Dummy bolt carrier We will find quite a lot of steel details. Gas chamber is alluminium made. Fire mode selector has a “butterfly” feature which helps in manipulation. It doesn’t stop on it’s final latch, single fire mode position But the problem was solved by additional limiter In our replica fire mode selector worked hard Flip-up style iron sights have two settings They could be opened in two ways. Magazines are replicas of Magpul P-Mag AK here called D-Mag We get two magazines in the box Hi-Cap and Low-Cap which can be change into Real-Cap A capacity can be changed after taking of magazine footer. After taking this replica into my hands I wanted to check what is inside because it looks great from the outside.And I was not disappointed. Replica was made in VFC standard To get to the battery, gerabox and Hop Up chamber We need to take off upper part To do this we pull of a
pin in the back and front side under a rear side base. Than we take of whole upper part Inside we will find V3 gerabox which is enforced in the place of the most common cracks plus chamfers on the corners which should spread the preassure of piston which hits the cylinder head during work.Inside there is a piston with full steel rack A polimer piston head. A polimer cylinder head. A metal nozzle on it which is sealed. Plus, a very importand thing, a spring guide is metal made Plastic ones are not working very good with quick spring change systems. And we have it here. Unfortunately quick spring change system is possible only in workshop conditions. A metal Hop Up chamber with black rubber (medium hardness) inside And the barrel… Barrel, that is intresting, is made of steel. It has 6.01 mm diameter +/- 0.01 mm Intresting thing is used microjoint instead of normal joint cube We will not have problems with burned joints Inside we have steel gears According to manufacturer a muzzle velocity of this replica is 400 fps Nam średnia wyszła 402 fps It is very good result.Between each shoot we had maximum 2 or 3 fps difference Very good result. Very good resut in fire focus I think it will a hit in this year. Lenght Weight Two magazines Folding and regulated butt stock Folding iron sights This replica is solid made Nothing moves, no noises It is pure pleasure to keep this replica in the hands. All of this compared to the actual price in the shops Makes that this replica is a very intresting proposal Recurrence of shots according to the fps is above average Focus is also very satysfying This replica will be for sure attractive for those who are looking for something unique on the market You will read more in our detailed review on .


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