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MK18 VFC LAST MOD | FLAG DOWN | Partida en Airsoft Events Valencia | Capsule Airsoft España

MK18 VFC LAST MOD | FLAG DOWN | Partida en Airsoft Events Valencia | Capsule Airsoft España

Ref: good one! kenny: move foward Grey grey: he is friendly its friendly fire jody: is yellow (team colour) kenny: he is under the flag! jody: he is yellow! grey: negative! ceasefire Ref: noone is hit grey: friend in player: Surrender! Grey: like.

.. you are calling the hit? or… player: no no YOU are hit grey: heads up, im on your left coming out grey: you cue us kenny: i have one there grey: watch out the cement covers moving right luiyo: get the right luiyo: can you see them? 12 o´clock can you see him Grey? grey: affirmative contact left! grey: take care with the left, they are moving Luiyo: reloading grey: i cover grey: one more in the left, middle is down luiyo: he is moving! he is moving! grey: reloading! luiyo: he is out, he is out luiyo: out grey: out! luiyo: the back pannel is just the molle its only the molle and the space for the source but i mounted my previous pouches one by eagle industries, and one by LBT but.

.. the back pannel its cool with the zippers if you have some to change it but the original…. i got the crye back pannel cause i said, “ok i have the entire vest by crye, i must have the back by crye” but only the back pannel is 100€ grey: wow.

… luiyo: yeah, you have the TMC copy for 15$ Grey: its 10 times the price luiyo: yep grey: fck luiyo: 100 box just the back pannel with molle it comes with nothing but molle and thats it: 100 box i said “fine.

… …cheap” grey: kenny, luiyo and i, are moving left the wall, over. lets go in grey: kenny we are on you left luiyo: where is kenny? grey: at the other side of this wall kenny: (through the wall) im moving this way player: he got us! luiyo: grey move luiyo: watch out, one on yout line! he is inside that container grey: i can pin him down if you wanna move player: out! player: out grey: out!

kenny is so close> you´re been asking for it after “first responders” video what is the last config im carring, like the flashlight, laser, optics, etc cause it actually changed since the last video some stuff i said i would change it its finally changed other from the FAQ its: what is the price of your replica by first i have to recognize i dont like the idea cause i dont really like to talk about money its easy to missunderstand it and it could sound cocky however, this time im gonna do it cause i found two good references i would like to explain i liked a lot when Khan seb talked about how much money he expended in replicas between 18k-21k € and its fine he didnt want to be cocky he wanted to explain, that maybe it was too much and open him self to the critics but also to answer the questions of his viewers the second reference, its from Robo he explained all the custom maybe cause he was providing some orientative prices so yes, im gonna talk about money this time BUT, i will say the sale prices, not how much i paid for them the first change is the regular stock is what comes with the replica reason its simple its easier to fit the battery cause it gets warm plus, it has 2 spaces so you can fit 2 batteries just in case you need it while you are playing in a milsim moving foward about the paint.

.. there are more than the issued look i liked to paint a little in the upper and handguard to make it look dirty and kill the shine about the optics, im using an Elcan replica now we start with the money its close to 130€ i think its ok, to be sure about the quality i could say if you find an Elcan too cheap, with 1x to 4x dont trust on it now has a RMR cause my optic is 4x fixie so in some situations i need something to quickdraw and its so high you dont even need to low your head but, this kind of rmr are pure crap and its not adjustable at all in this particular case i can recommend you to avoid it for 30-40€ go for 40-50€ minimum if you want it just for looks, there is one in aliexpres for 15€, not bad about internals, i use a green G&G hop up rubber its cheap i think it worth to try some different hop up rubbers to find the one you need im using the vfc gearbox, and what i changed its also by vfc this handguard in particular is not the cheap version you can find the replica for 50-60€ more or less this one is the Omega Daniel defende by madbull the cost is 135€ the inner barrel, its the longer versión by Elite arms but i cutted it this replica its prepared to move X air cm2 when i cutted it, it works like “pecatto di cardinale” te flashligt is a Surefire you can get it 2º hand for about 250€ the performance is just crazy in IR when you are playing with a NVG, is liike turn the lights on this one in particular is not mine i borrowed to Saubers so i just use it for milsims is not mine and i dont want to use it too much i use this remote, its a double switch, but both turn on the flashlight the laser its a DBal by G&P i tryed some others just for a while i tryed the MK2 by Element the FMA version from a guy and there is no doubt in this point this is the shorter version its close to 113€ the extended versión, has the flashlight that nobody uses its close to 160€ im using this magpul replica for the sling but i decided to use a paracord, metal with metal is too noisy playing in night paracord and problem solved i use a 2 point retractable sling copy of V-tac i like it, but if you can pay the original one, why no? I hook it in the stock instead of in this rear point because the butt stays stuck to the shoulder is the most comfortable point I’ve come up with so far thats all, you can add the 450€ from the replica you make the maths you can find now the aprox value im sure some of you can think this a high level replica but is not its a medium level replica we could say medium-high.

.. but when you spend 350-450€ please dont forget there are systema for about 1000€ FCC for 2000€ so… that 2k makes the 400€ an intermediate expense cherokee was a highly respected referee for all valencia players he always offered us help and we will always be grateful Rest in pease Cherokee.


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