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Mission 24H VLOG + Airsoft Sniper Gameplay [ENG SUBTITLES]

Mission 24H VLOG + Airsoft Sniper Gameplay [ENG SUBTITLES]

Excuse me What are you doing? Hello Servus, wow this was loud Hi everyone It’s quarter past eleven We’re late again, you know this already from us I’m going to pack the last stuff together now I’ve got a Gorilla case, Max brought me this from America or he shipped it, however Have a look at this This is the side of Lara, this is mine.

Look, it’s nice right? From Clawgear right? – Yes it is They sent us some new pants, too. Lara is in contact with Clawgear, they’re some cool dudes We’ve got the. what is it called? MK IV right? Raider MK IV We’ll take the red bull cans in our car Let’s close this now In the middle there is battery, ammunition, patches and Kinder chocolate Justin please pack the equipment for the cam And then we’re going to Mahlwinkel to Mission 24 – 24 hours with hopefully no freezing temperatures But the last days were already cold as hell in Mahlwinkel Our people are there for a longer time already.

The player will arrive in about an hour We’ll be a little late I’m already excited Finally we can play the SSG Until now it was always forbidden on the fields Because we played so much CQB in the last time The fps boarders obviously were way lower there than in Mahlwinkel There we know the rules very well So we will film something for you There will be a vlog about driving to Mahlwinkel, playing there and going back You will be part of this and there will be a game play, too The gameplay will be with the SSG Justin is already ahhpily looking forward to cut it, because we didn’t do a sniper gameplay until now So ready to go? Yes How many kilometers to Mahlwinkel? – 14 We’re from the east.

No, just kidding. It’s 394 kilometres From this it’s 300 I guess about 300 kilometers only on A2 We arrived in Mallotze No we’re in Malle (Mallorca) now, this is our internal label for Mahlwinkel We’re doing this to sugarcoat the fact that it’s always so damn cold here I’m excited We’re a little late, so there should be some customers on the field already Let’s go to the registration Here we are Here we aaaare, and there are already some people And there is Ilmo, too.

Are you up to this Lara? Of course! – Hopefully this won’t be too cold Let’s go to the registration I have neither ticket nor disclaimer – You got your ID? – I do – That’s a start I got it with me all the time There is the Ural and some players, too Well, registration started at 12 Look there is Roy The guys of the Hondra do all have such a nice mustache Maybe I’ll do one, too.

I’m so up to this But Lara would kill me Hello registration please Sorry I think I’m standing on a list don’t have my ticket with me Let’s go to the hangar and unload. I’ve got a locker in there and I can put my stuff in there Lara Come on you dodo So we’re in the hangar now and I’ll show you some new stuff We built some tape stations Because sometimes we can’t start on time on Dark Emergency because some people aren’t taped or there is no tape, or the people don’t have teambands There is the possibility to buy these teambands from us We’ve got them here right? Yes – So they’re available If you don’t want to do it like this, here are tape stations You will find the stations in the HQs If you change your jacket or lose your tape for any other reason Then you can come to the HQ and tape yourself We’re working together with some airsoft teams We call them ASH Workers Crew.

And they support us whenever they can They built this thing, too. I guess it was Christian Very nice! I’m very happy, we finally got this. And it looks, like it works Really happy about this Because last year there was some trouble, when GOF couldn’t start on time Then we had to bring the G&G armbands Like this we’re safe for the following Dark Emergency Let’s eat This is our new canteen We will eat here on Dark Emergency as well Because sometimes we have to eat as well At the moment the HQs are built Registration is still running And I’m eating We ate now and the players maybe did as well And for the ones who didn’t eat, they can eat some sausages this evening We’re leaving the area now to buy some bread, because Metro didn’t deliver this So let’s go go shopping a bit So today is no game, it’s only arrival From tomorrow at 9 a.

m. the game starts So today they get in their HQs Stay alive this night in cold Mahlwinkel And then 24 hours gameplay But well it’s no longer a 24 hours game, we created a break in the game From 1 a.m.

to 7 a.m. is a game break The reason for this is: We did it without a break sometimes And then one party was in bed at 2 a.m. So there cannot be a running game So we decided to create a break I guess it’s better when it’s cold like this.

And there is a nightgame anyway At 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. it’s already dark here Then there is the night game until 1 p.m. So let’s go, I’m looking forward to the heated seats How was it again at GSP Airsoft Days last year? Let’s pack this Man We’re in Stringtanga-Hausen And they look at me like I was a B- VIP Let’s say, you’re never going to film me in a LIDL again okay? They think we’re completely strange Bread So we bought some bread and now we’re heading back to the field Back in Mahlwinkel now.

And we ate some kebap But the boys shouldn’t know this – Nick they’re watching the videos I didn’t eat one, only Justin and Lara I gave mine to Justin – Here are some glow sticks Today is not happening that much The boys are already tidying up, so let’s go inside There is no game today, so we’re going to bed now So we’re fit tomorrow.

Lara is there anything we have to do? Writing subtitles But nothing we have to do here at the field Now is Wednesday when it comes online This one? – Yes So we’re in Friday, you’re in Wednesday, so you already saw the gameplay on Saturday Which will be translated by Lara today Inception – Are you going to the HQs today? No we’re going to film the HQs tomorrow when it’s daylight As you noticed at the gameplay, it’s not our strength to film in the dark So we won’t film tomorrow while night mission So the game runs into the night You wouldn’t be able to see something then Unless we’re walking around with a headlight, but then the enemies would obviously see us So see you tomorrow from the field And then Mission24 starts, so good night Nick – What do you want from me? – What’s going on? You shouldn’t always talk to me in the mornings with this shitty camera Goood morning! We’re joining the game now That’s it It’s not that warm Lara and me will join the game on the side of Task Force Just let me shortly explain Mission 24 Mission24 means 24 hours gameplay Well with a little break.

I told you that already yesterday And there are two parties It’s Hondra 44 and Task Force It’s like a cartel with drugs and so on, just a little gangster style And we will join the Task Force That’s in the style of DEA So against the Hondra So that’s the story We told you already that we’re not going to film the night game Maybe we won’t even join the night game, because there is a private appointment tomorrow But now we’ll play and film And we’ll do a sniper gameplay It’s the SSG24 from Novritsch Let’s try this in the forest Hope to shoot some of the bandits of Hondra Lara lend a weapon of Ilmo The Tippmann is broken she didn’t survive Blackout But well we’ve got two weapons We’ll take Ilmo with us, he’s got a sniper as well We’ll build a little sniper squad then We’ll go to the leader of the task force now, it’s Micha from GSP See you in the HQ Nick didn’t you want to do an announcement before you stumbled No it’s way to awkward Hi there! Everything’s fine? Kind of cold, but it’s okay We got a message about a labor Loading dock in direction turbine 3 We have to clarify this If it is confirmed as a drug labor, we have to pull their leg Pull their leg means? Detain them or shoot them, preferred detain them If they don’t want this, then it’s just like this Then safe the drugs and all the evideneces This is our task now We will try it in our sniper squad So it’s Ilmo, the Airsoft Heldin, me and Ivan from GSP will join us, too.

He’s got his SSG with him as well Let’s see how they behave But I’m confident, I already tried one or two shots, so Max had to suffer Let’s wait for Ivan and start We built a line now at the edge of the forest, in front of us there are own parts We didn’t clarify them But on the left there is the enemy We observe them now and after this we postpone in the next part of the forest So we’re hoping to get closer to the enemy and to do some shots Ilmo, go to the next forest.

Attention, go down! Own parts, own parts, right? Lara follow him take the last position from Ilmo Don’t aim for them Take cover! Ilmo take cover. I’ll be back soon Can you see what’s going on there? No movement right? Own parts on the right of us Let’s move to the right They’ll follow when Ivan is back Okay we’ll go without Ivan and the boys first Let’s postpone Did you see the boys? There is someone from the Taskforce Shots are from over there They’re moving to this part of the forest Let’s go this way Lara You have to held a bigger distance to the first man Stay on position He spies this way, if he gets clarified he runs away behind you If the enemies follow they don’t know where you are and you can hit them So you save his retreat It’s very calm now, we have to find the enemies first We roughly know their position, so we’re stalking this way They got back Doesn’t matter, let’s go over there Ilmo did you see Go to the right It moves over there There is someone in front of us Contact Ilmo take him out Shoot Ilmo Shoot if you can They wll shoot us soon Is this Hondra? Retreat! Follow me! Over there! Further further further Take up position! Take a tree If they come over, shoot I’ll move They’re already in our forest Ivan about 30 metres, on your 11 There! Contact! It’s an enemy This are our own people?! Can you see this Yes you can see it a bit Well doesn’t matter.

I got hit in the first round We’ll wait for Lara now, she’s like running around somewhere here After this we’re back at the game for the taskforce and try to clarify the ones from Hondra Wow this was exactly on my cheekbone mimimimimimi – okay see you We joined again Here at the HQ is directly the enemy So Hondra is walking around somewhere Let’s have a look over there i do really notice this hardly Well, somewhere in the area You can even hear them Vehicle! Go inside Lara is there anything? I can’t see anyone Ahead, on the right I can’t see anyone The limbs! Come on There were 2 persons Lara is out Over there is the ramp There is supposed to be a drug labor Let’s spy and see if we can hit one or two of them There are small cases to mix the drugs they say It’s an ingame thing We try to take them with us and safe them Let’s go over Stay behind okay Shit Oh damn One of them hit me But I was at their drug spot already I didn’t even see the things we should collect Then I got hit Lara is in the HQ, I’m going to search for her now, and then we have to leave Like I said, we’ve got a private appointment tomorrow Well, this was our contribution for Mission24.

Hope you liked the video and you could see the hits We didn’t check the footage yet I’ll change now Then we’ll go home So see you! Nick can you please tell Lara to stop dancing? Show me the moves Lara Lara Can you please explain this dancing thing? No this was only a little blackout from my side.

I’m sorry for that. Normally I’m very professional and I’m going to the basement to laugh So we’ll stop this now


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