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Minecraft: Beginning the War – Surviving is Hard (Part 2)

Minecraft: Beginning the War – Surviving is Hard (Part 2)

you’re mean Hitler’s me yeah that’s me ah yes I got don’t like the DA did the sweaty kids say yo I need another tree Bob Valley the fun ball yo I need some crab meat some crab crab I don’t think you can get crab in this game like ether kind Machop handler we should get crabs on his mustache better staff already of Ronald Reagan becoming a woman they’re not breaking like the duck tacos Ricky oh no I ran out of wood I’ll meet with him would how much do you have over I thought muster enough Dandy’s just a wood oh yeah I eat it all up are you making your house out of those houses over here oh crap I’m not to go wid collecting in the night at this creepers in the water as my house is not you on the ice coming on today with Ethan for the night get out of here I’ve already in husband you dig I think wasn’t I’m scared guys okay I’m leaving Chris quick restive would know Matt I’m looking forward y’all have anyone know I use it over my house crap the spider Chris know you did again good job buddy wow I’m good well i’m going to hibernation hopeful this ship will protect me i’m out of apples now if you think you’re better than a prisoner it’s better than yeah cuz then apples suck okay sure they have a lot of families have a lot of families in them fella genus species then apples they got family and then look Lord boob Lord cool or it is the lord of the hoops I don’t know where to go I only like exits are blocked off by like Bob I’m in the middle of the woods I feel very insecure Eden oh my god just stuff everywhere oh crap oh crap oh my god hold out oh okay crazy diet you know I got you know how like uh nope like your person I was like they’re only tiny bit of light could mob spawning that I really have no idea what I’m talking about if you oh wait no that’s not this game hunt oh god I just Travis didn’t you get in the game cookies with Minecraft look cuz like you know how most games like if you’re in the dark you have like your own cognitive light to like radiates off your body I bet yes what do we talk to you I have no idea dude I need a time to come like a 72 I need that guy yes you guys always yell at me for building at their house look right that’s actually really true they have seen my house the middle of water and it’s almost fully built I just don’t have improved it’s Floyd build lentil Floyd build my joke troy-bilt white built over the camp you we’re doing with product lately it’s a no-go on my house this is got a product or a placement of a product now all right huh I’m gonna be dead yep what what well I know but Dad you have to do homework yeah I still have to put this away now they had a creek beneath them Nathan I do homework okay I’m looking a good game you’re in a good game but you wish it was a movie so once daytime coming as soon as you buckle that nose huh I can’t or not oh yeah I just found so now everyone is about to just experience how they’re just ignores how his parents yellow so true no no damn go in your house don’t do it I wait then I already found like iron and all that crap oh my god I’ve been good oh [ __ ] no not no computer scan dead are you killing him fine wow that’s really mean of you you can even you want to see you reviewed I found me no no that’s my ravine you don’t even cook it early i am i’m following me get back here I found that ravine and it’s mine doubt it oh you again okay I don’t know where you went oh wow give it back I found that ravine and all the way I know what you’re trying to do Oh God spider what the hell Ethan how did you not die oh man who’s got the skills you can get off down there I wouldn’t be too happy about here I really don’t see any mobs okay either I’m watching the skeleton like creep on you right now that’s it love to have a bird like you have no guys you have no idea what I did to keep it I think I have an idea did he kill him you say Kilton not about the list my father same here dan here my new favorite ha I my favorite and always pretty the birthday I can’t then I already died once before that sit me down wait no Dan grand prize killed myself damn it Ethan how’s the first to die oh then you just hit me down did you don’t wear oh crap take on me who’s they nada suppression I come in wow i just read your what a beautiful room you sure i’m a part of cedar grove yeah but you’re part of Peru oh my god I must have 30 spiders following me right now but I don’t matter where you are you are doing better than me that’s not true Ethan that is completely jus wait unless you throw a ravine who’s underground me is that you and knocked me into the ravine oh that ravine and there’s mobs everywhere and I do not have anything to build up a is that you yes I can’t get Holly come no but you would like how I was about to be no why did you get it Oh No then your [ __ ] is getting destroyed where I get my yellow ok your fault look my [ __ ] door open yes me I’m just trying to get in they were trying to eat the Holy Kennedy your friend the Holy Trinity to the death lock [ __ ] okay spiders are back to normal I do not know if you right now all right I want is a little bit more wood to fish my house [ __ ] I’m gonna die there’s no way around it I thought spiders Rebecca normal apparently that doesn’t happen anymore oh are you are you joking me this is the most ridiculous day ever video I’m leaving I what kind of God you lying on fire and this is I two parts left in the creepers chasing me so I will be dying pretty soon I guess I’m nice unclear small to hang up Chris they’re not letting a fire Chris watch out no no I know I feel the same way block I’m trying to reget my materials it’s Spock they’re all in water dad done it’s over cooked over alright screw the eggs I can’t be done what I never said it was done


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