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MILSIM OP PROFECÍA [Part 2] – Sherwood | Airsoft Gameplay Peru [SPA/ENG Subs]

MILSIM OP PROFECÍA [Part 2] – Sherwood | Airsoft Gameplay Peru [SPA/ENG Subs]

Location: Sherwood | MILSIM OP PROFECÍA [Part 2] Chifu [Team]: I hit one “OK” “Wait, wait, wait” [Team]: Mou, Mou, Mou, do you copy? Mou, Mou Kermit [Team]: Mou I’m by the bananas, they’re coming up in numbers of two [Team]: Mou [Team]: Bananas, bananas Mou [Team]: Where? Kermit [Team]: In the banana field “Did they hit you?” Chifu [Team]: Rossi “What” “Yes” Chifu [Team]: So we have to move through the trench right now “OK, come over here” Chifu [Team]: Do we fit below? “Yes, yes” “But come to this side” Chifu [Team]: Hey “What? Is Rene there?” Chifu [Team]: Are you alive? Chifu [Team]: Perfect, we follow the same route “OK, OK” “What” “I go up?” Chifu [Team]: Grenade “Why would I go up?” Chifu [Team]: We don’t even have power “You look over there” “You can advance in prone” “Tell me” “Lets advance slowly, but in prone.

You can go in prone I think” “Let’s go, let’s go” “No, no, no, no” “We run and go prone there” “OK, Rene suppress” “You hear that?” “Try to look over there” Enemy eliminated “Let’s push here, let’s push aggresive here, OK?” Injured “Copy, we’re going to flank by the left side” “Over here, over here” Final assault | Objective: Take the pork stable.

“Go here, go here” [Ref]: 6 minutes [Ref]: 6 minutes “You don’t see through here?” “Over here” “My last life” PJ [Team]: There he is, there he is, there is “Are they yellow or red?” PJ [Team]: Red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red “I don’t see, I don’t see” PJ [Team]: OK, he’s out, he’s out, he’s out.

Run, run, run “He died?” Injured No one knows for who he works | Objective: Absorb enemy players by eliminating and touching them. “OK, there’s people there” Berraco [Team]: Where are they? “Yes, in that corner, there and in the pork stable” “How many?” [Team]: I think there are not many over there [Team]: I think we should start here and we go sweeping Berraco [Team]: Here on the right? “Over there, over there” Berraco [Team]: OK, OK “There’s people over there already, careful” “Ready” “Who covers behind?” “3 minimum” “No, I don’t hit them” “You see there?” “Yes” “Yes” “OK” “I go first if you want” Berraco [Team]: Let’s go Enemy eliminated Berraco [Team]: Wait, wait, wait, wait “You behind touch our guy, touch our guy” “He already counted?” “Of course, of course”


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