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MILSIM KIT + ADVICE! | How to Start Milsim?

MILSIM KIT + ADVICE! | How to Start Milsim?

hey guys welcome back to a brand new airsoft video now as you can probably see already today we are doing something slightly different now this is a topic I have had highly requested for quite some time and some of the subjects and topics we’re going to discuss today are definitely ones I’ve had a lot of questions about recently so hopefully you guys enjoy the video now as you can probably see from the title already today we’re not only going to be discussing the equipment that you usually see me run in my skirmish videos but also the extra equipment you have to take to a Milson because of course a milsim involves far more equipment than your standard one day skirmish now I have to say straight away I am though milsim expert there are players out there who play male simplify longer than myself I am still a very relatively new milsim player but today I just want to give you my perspective as a new player swimming equipment I took that I didn’t need some stuff that I did need my overall experiences because I’ve had a lot of questions recently about how do I get involved with milsim what do I need for Milson so hopefully my perspective is a new milsim player will help you guys out so starting off with probably one of the largest and also probably one of the most important pieces of gear if you are going to a Milson and that is of course your weapon and all this extra parts now this gun box right here is actually brand new to me this is a pelican gun box previously I was using a gun bag that could hold two rifles in this is new to me I haven’t even cut into it yet it actually comes with pork foam where you kind of draw around your weapon and this is actually got little laser-cut squares into it and you can just pull the foam apart to make a shape and then fit the weapon into it but my TM recoil which comes back to me on Monday after having a lot of upgrades done to it that is what’s going to be in this so till I get it back I haven’t actually made any shapes into this box yet what I do have in front of me is my secondary weapon now one of my biggest piece of advice for going to a mill sim is of course take two primary weapons if you can if you do have to take two with you because the worst imaginable situation is getting to a milsim for 36 hours being there maybe an hour and a half and your main weapon breaking and then for the another 34 hours whatever you don’t have a primary weapon so if you’re going to a long event always prepare for the worst and if you can take as many weapons as you physically can with it because there’s just a less chance of things going down so for this next event operation Kripke co which is in a week’s time from now the main weapon I will be running is my TM recoil m4 sopmod which is coming back from kingdom of airsoft this week with a lower new parts in it which I will be covering in a video very soon so that’s really my primary weapon with that I will be running 8 TM recoil mid caps of course if you are going to a milsim you do have have mid-cap magazines now these TM ones are the 82 round magazine ones now some make some Nelson events mid-cap magazines can just be a hundred forty rounds as 80 rounders whatever the sake CAG events like Operation Eagle Fury very very soon that actually has a 13 round capacity for mid-cap so these TM ones are perfect because you can actually open them and flick a little switch and these switch to 30 round mag so we have a realistic capacity but operation crypt kicker I will be bringing these at 82 round I have 8 of these so I carry 7 on me one in the weapon now as my secondary battle weapon and actually running this which you see me use a few times before in fact they actually used it the last milsim this is a tip man m4z HPA setup which was sent to me by the awesome guys down at JD airsoft so i will leave links to this in the description below this of course rooms were made air pressure type that I have in my backpack which means have a nice blonde back system it’s a nice piece of kit and for this I’m actually running pts EPM 140 round mid-cap magazines again I have six of these so I can carry enough on me now these are a hundred forty as I said so these are still a little bit more than those where have less of these these have a good little system on them where when they’re actually fold you have a little indicator on the window there so when you’re using these in the game you pull them out you can actually tell which magazines are four which are half four or even empty pretty quickly so I’m a big fan of these magazines they’re very sturdy and they could be excellent with the Tippmann m4 now of course I am running the tip no point means I have to take a gas tank with me but all of that I will get to you later on because a TM recall again is a electric weapon and I don’t want to run out how halfway through the event for my TM I actually run these these are the neutral point four lipo batteries because I have had it converted to mini tamiya I’m actually taking six of these to the event because you can never have enough batteries again you don’t forget a couple of hours in and run out of power because these kind of things you lose a little bit of power in the cold and if you go to a mill cement somewhere likes any bridge or any other kind of fibular base you don’t have any access to electricity so don’t be taking your charger with you think you can just charge it in between flights you will need to have as much power as you can with you so six of these is probably and nothing doing probably a little bit overkill really because unlike a skirmish where you’re kind of firing non-stop for the entire six or seven hours and Milson you may have a one hour firefight and break off and not fight for a couple of hours so even though you’re there for 36 hours you’re definitely not shooting at 36 hours so six of these batteries is definitely enough but again it’s better to be safe than sorry so next up we’re going to take a look at something I know you guys will be interested to see and that is of course my battle kit the stuff I’m wearing whilst I’m running around and whilst I’m playing so we have my plate carrier my battle belt and my helmet set up to the given with the biggest piece of kit on the table this is the warrior assault DCs now I’ve run this for a couple of months now big fan I previously ran the warrior salt Ricker’s plate carrier which is a little bit bigger but I switched up to this this is more comfortable a little bit more easy on the shoulders the shape of it so this is a good plate carrier and I’m glad I switched it out now as you can see on the front I’m actually running seven m4 pouches five on the center two on the cummerbund on the edge as you can see the moment I am running my tokyo marui m4 82 round mid-cap magazines with range of plates on which makes them easy to pull in and out of my play carrier as you can see I’ve got little bungees on here to try and hold everything in place they’re a little bit tight because of that range of plate but it still works well everything is nice and secure now on the right hand side as you can see I actually have a pistol pouch which I run a pretty cheap and nasty little air mid-cap speed load here which again if you’re using mid caps is key now I’m going to get one of those m12 and speed Sidewinder things it can load a mag in like a second or whatever pretty soon this is always key to have a spare one with you so I carry like an a pistol pouch on the front now through the shoulder harness I run this is my slave my weapon this is a pharaoh concept sling pretty basic it’s just a strap system that I run through the shoulder so it’s not rubbing against your neck or anything it’s just a simple lock system with a little cover on it big zero scratchy weapon I shall always end up with a scratched weapon from the metal rubbing against the weapon so you pull that piece of material down and everything is good now talking about their concept if I lift the plate carrier off you will see my dangler pouch dangling there’s it’s so aptly named now this is just velcroed inside if I open up the common bond of my plate carrier this is just velcro you can see that velcro onto the inside so this pouch this pouch just velcro it on and just sits there nice and easily now I’m a big fan of this pouch it’s lightweight it doesn’t get in the way it protects the lower part least for me there’s nothing more painful than getting shot in the lower part your stomach so this is a nice little bit of other protection actually now I will show you now how I roll my couches and what I run in them so in the dango pouch I have all my grenade stuff so I can get to this very easily if I open it up in here I have things like a little pouch which is full of the actual 2:09 primers I have spare grenade pin to my vtg the priming tools my vtg and just all a lot more some smaller keys and stock which actually used for other equipment more Grenade pins all the stuff that I need for my grenades lives in this little pouch is very easily accessible so again I split things down at the different kind of categories so I know where to get my right hand start the tri-carrier I have a big admin pouch in here or big bigger utility pouch in here I have a bag of BBS now I create this myself with it well I bought the small bag and I zipped I’m a bottle lid to it so you can easily screw that on and screw it off and be able to pour bb’s in and in this I also just run my batteries obviously I’d obviously them in the gun box like that carry a couple of them on me so when we’re in the middle of a game as you saw in my last Milson video in the middle of a firefight I can switch out batteries if I need to now on this side on the inside I also have this piece of equipment here yeah I have my profile radio system so this sits in the radio pouch on the inside and as you can see by all these cables that are all over the place at the moment I then have a pretty simple push-to-talk system which is connected to the front of my plate carrier here and then this piece goes into my ear and I can communicate in here people nice and easily so that’s the comm system that I will be running in the near future at the upcoming events now if I just slip this back into the bag I can show you the other side of my plate carrier I have a leather pouch on the edge of the common bond this is another utility pouch and in this I run a few different things this is a rangefinder which I only ever run a mill some event or will be this was sent to me about this awesome guys at tsuzuku things pronounced this is a pretty cool rangefinder now this is mainly use of snipers and stuff and we are out in the woods and we’re kind of keep an eye on what people are doing knowing what distance you are away especially if you know the kind of capabilities of your weapon is pretty key or you do have a sniper with you and you can spot for him and give them rain distances with this pretty good it also gives you win distances and stuff wind speed sorry so you can actually try and calculate stuff like that again you wouldn’t want to use that or need to use that skirmish but for a milsim that is handy and then in here I also have my Gerber kind of Leatherman style multi-tool this has come in very very useful for event so you can imagine it’s just your standard kind of a Leatherman style but this is a Gerber one and multi-tool you’ve got knives blades screwdrivers saws you know everything you need your classic multi-tool there so that is very key for am else in that there sits in that pouch and on the rear I have a cargo pack now in here as you can see I have a tube going around to the front I have a hydration unit here so I can have water in there there’s got a large blood a pad that just sits nice and neatly inside the back of there and of course about an Laurie if I am running a tippmann I have a gas tank here that I can then link up to the to the rifle itself and finally moving backgrounds the front I have my admin pouch now a dcs doesn’t usually come with an admin pouch this actually took from my Rick house before I sold it I like having this because of the big vel perhaps it allows me to put my patches on the front I have my raid patch my pts patch and being an admin pouch has a big admin slot rack and put math notes anything I might need for a milsim or in this case there is just a few bb’s in there so that is my plate carrier so moving on we have my battle belt now again this is made by warrior assault this is the warrior assault battle belt I pick this up second hand and then kind of put it together myself you can buy these with all pouch is already on but I built this together myself so moving around this way on the right hand side I have my warrior assault universal locking holster it can pretty much hold any pistol it locks them in they can’t fall out as a locking system on the trigger so running around your pistol is never ever going to go anywhere you press something your thumb and it comes out nice and easily now the pistol I’m gonna be running out this event my primary one is this this is the w8m MP and I will be running it with this is a little bit loose moment heat a little red dot sight which was custom the custom mount was actually built for me or available on Dave customs airsoft so this looks pretty cool I got a lot of comment about in my previous gameplay video I haven’t a chance to properly run it yet but having a red dot sight like that on a pistol looks very very very cool so I will be running this at the next event as I said I need to tack up a little bit and so that all sits on my right-hand side of course am i right having shooter so I can grab that easily next to that I have a warrior assault smoke grenade pouch which is the perfect size for a swap vtg grenade which i have reviewed very recently in my grenade video moving around to the back i have a warrior assault medic pouch now this is a fast release one I can literally grab the leather there undo that velcro and then it tears off this is a big velcro pad there on the back and front now this is a medic pouch it’s a genuine medic I mean you know genuine settle for a medic ouch in here I have I’m not gonna get it all out now but I have bandages plasters almost off you would need for a kind of white emergency nothing nothing if you have a heavy trauma this wouldn’t be very useful but a light medic kit I just bought a mountaineering like it from go outdoors just emptied it into here basically not always key but some mill Sims again from the CAG slot they do require everyone to carry their own personal medic kit just in case but also it does look pretty cool like my plate carrier further round we have my dump pouch I got a lot of a stick for not using my dog pouch often I often just put the mags back in there because I’m when I’m running around they fall out dump out which is because I’ve got a pretty bad dump pouch this is a unbranded one at the moment I need to start using it properly because I’m out of town that point on magazine and it’s an empty box I put back in my pet carrier but again at the moment I am running this round on the side here I have nothing in it right now but I have two pistol pouches so if I am running my pistol I can put the get it out the pistol mags all fit nice and neatly in there and finally on this side I have again all warriors salt pot from the dump pouch 40-billion 40-millimeter grenade pouches now these work perfectly for SWAT VT frm concept tactical TR margon AIDS I apologize these are the multi bang ones and they’ve got the adapt on the bottom so I can have a three shoppin aid again I’ve discussed these in length in a recent video they have just brought out a new model TMR which I do have awesome grenade if you do want to check out more about that I will leave links in the description below but for that I just run two of them in these 40 mil grenade pouches so that kind of concludes the the setup I run for my battle belt so then if I Drive away finally I have my helm up setup now I get a whole video on this or I’ll go to too much detail this is a new problem last helmet I’ve got a brain exploit amount on there so my GoPros upside down at a nice angle counterweight bag at the back so I can put an external battery and I run this GoPro lead right through gives me about 12 hours battery life taking all the padding out the inside because I run a real set real steel pelt or contact XP headset so of course put these on throw them on so I can hear myself and if I have the padding on the inside of the helmet still it probably wouldn’t fit that well but because of the leather band on this it makes it comfy enough that I could just get this on I can pull the straps down another is comfy enough as a system so that is my helmet set up again I’ve got a neat AK FG helmet fit on there which I like because it’s just basically green so when I’m running any camouflage you know it doesn’t clash it about a multicam helmet cover and then you know badlands camo on and got a strobe light on their distress line sorry I’ve got a strobe box in the back got my rl1 and ready callsign on there pts syndicate patch on there I get a lot of stick for why am i running an American flag it’s not what it is in American flags but it’s because I’m a pts Pro stuff member a funny little infidel pact there and my dual type on the back so that kind of is my helmet setup again I haven’t a full video on this which I will leave linked in the description below so next up as I said is my skirmish bag this is all the kind of equipment in here that you probably just take to a normal skirmish now the reason I break these up into different bags is because it just makes things easier to find as I said if you are playing a fibular site and you’re inside a building there’s normally no access to electricity so if it’s in the dark you’re brewing around with your torch and to find something knowing which baguette is it makes it a lot easier rather than trying to find a bottle of bb’s underneath your spare socks and clothes and food breaking it all always makes things easier to find so I try and pull all my skirmish stuff in this bag now this is a kind of stuff you’d expect to find in that I have things like my gas which I use my pistols I have my BB which I normally decant into these kind of big bottles these are rocket a 2.

5 nor protocol 5 ground rocket bb’s these work really well i buy these by the 10 ground 10 kilogram vigor than just to camp them into these oh I can take two in a bed nice and easily I then take things like my face price I said now this is the division six mass which has the soft side it makes it much easier to aim down sight and wall this is a last event but this time I’m actually not planning on wearing it because wearing a mask like this for 36 hours is pretty uncomfortable so actually just going to be running a gun shield this time instead I may have this with me and if we do get into a very close cause firefighter building I couldn’t just bring it up from around my neck and just quickly put it over my face if the majority the time I will be running a gun she’ll just protect my teeth instead but all the same this is a brilliant mask and it is highly recommended it’s far more comfy than your standard kind of cheap Chinese mesh mask so great mask now with this I run in this bag I also run spare gloves these are some multicam mechanic flaws I’ve never actually worn these before they’re just great hammer spares the last thing you want is to get your hands and gloves sewed in the first day and then for the rest of the weekend have to keep putting on horribly wet gloves so a spare pair of gloves is definitely something I would recommend in here as well I have my eye probe now again seems to be the the case of everything I take two pairs indycar and you’ve got it take two pairs of everything or if not more and now usually these are the goggles you see you and I skirmish these are volley x800 goggles now these are really good they’re full seal apart they do well the full seal age they have a little four millimeter gap that runs pretty much 360 degrees around the outside of the goggle which is why I never ever have flooding issues a lot of people comment my videos saying you never seem to have any fogging issues when you see the camera facing toward me that’s because that air then round there just means the hot air that from when I’m breathing just goes in and then straight back out top so I never usually have any issues funny with these now these again come with spare lenses at the moment I have the slightly tinted lenses on they come with clear lenses and what they call haich-d lens which are these kind of yellow ones which I’m not fun off but again I keep them with it because if these get cracked or damaged at an event I’ve still got spares with me now I knew there were skirmishes but I wouldn’t recommend them for a Milson because again that most Millicent’s once it starts it’s on for 36 hours or however long it is safe area where you can take your goggles off so even when you’re sleeping you have to have your eye prone because some will come into your building and shoot you in your sleeping bag so you want to have someone is going to be comfortable for 36 hours so for a Milson I recommend these which have warmer for these of revision sawflies he’s a ex-military 1/2 mile money Bay these are you park military and again these come with multiple lenses and because these are more just like a pair of sunglasses they’re far more comfy you can sleep in them but they still give you good protects if I throw these on now because the side part some shooting glasses I always find leave you exposed on the side of your eyes which is not something you want these as you can see you have a salt toggles on the side there’s no chance of getting hit from the sides they’re nice and comfy their ballistic so they are you know they’re good for airsoft I took a direct hit on these are the last mil suit of me get me good so these are what I would recommend and again just like those these come with tinted lenses which I’ve got there which I wouldn’t really recommend that sometimes because you go in a building it’s pitch black you can’t see anything with these on but these also come with if you buy them off ebay you get yourself a clear pair which I wore last time they need a bit of clean a little bit mucky and then again the yellow style HD as they call them lens which again not really a funnel bit I keep them with me in key to the to go down I have a spare pair of lenses to protect my eye so they’re the ones I recommend for a Milton these are the ones I recommend for skirmish got take them both with me anyway and then finally in this bag is the fun stuff now the awesome guys down at cloud 9 of being kind of for this event and the next one coming up to sponsor me with a lot of smoke and a lot of bad so as I’m talking about my grenade video if you haven’t seen already I’ll link it down below smoke grenades thunder flashes drink or smoke grenade a lot of different equipment that I try and use at the event you can’t normally use a standard skirmish use you know some indoor place and stuff so this is the stuff I have in my bag is a lot of smoke a lot of bang so next up we have the equipment that goes into the bag that I referred to the style is kind of living bag or milsim bike this is more the kind of stuff you probably won’t need to take to your standard skirmish now this here is of course a few samples of the stuff I have more than this and I probably wouldn’t take all this at the same time for certain things for example the camouflage now the reason I have three sets in front of you here this is the m81 green camouflage that I will be wearing for Operation [ __ ] kicker because I’m on the Green Team now multicam does count was green for that of then the last time I wore that at that event I was getting shot up on my own team so what does something there’s a lot more green so people knew which team I was on and but I will be taking my paycock badlands camel house reserve because it’s still a little bit mixed between green and town but it’s definitely as you can see more tan than the multicam so as I said always have a reserve if I slip over on the first day the load of moulding gets soaking wet I don’t be wearing wet clothes long weekend so I will have a reserve camouflage which is my pen can’t come out for that event but for other events as I mentioned the Operation Eagle furia then that’s a little bit more stripped as I mentioned earlier on with the 30 round capacity magazines but that then they want all the Special Forces or the Special Forces support group to be wearing multicam which makes sense in a real combat situation all the same forces are going to be wearing matching kit so for out there you have to wear multi count so this is why I’ve got it here in front of me this is a kind of kit I will be wearing for events at Cog things like Operation eat your fury now as well as that I have things like spare socks I go for nice thick hiking socks I take about five pair of these within because sometimes you’re swapping them in the middle that even in the hot summer’s day you get sweaty and they get start to get a little bit done there’s nothing that boots them around more than a nice warm up fresh pair of socks in the morning sticking them on will make you feel a thousand times better so take as many nice dry pairs of walking socks as you possibly can as well as that for events this time of year especially the winter I like to take a Under Armor thermal shirt which sometimes can be a little bit too much if you’re wearing this are you back and then some kind of jacket you guys have seen I will be linking my milsim loadout video in the description I also wear a peg cot softshell and not paying off so I Pentagon gray wolf softshell jacket it’s a little bit overkill wearing this and you back and that but sometimes if you just want to weather you back this can keep you warm underneath as well as that I have some kind of pallet thermal shorts which are good as well sometimes you just want to take your trousers off and just I’ve been walking around naked when you’re trying to get you kicked on and off nice and quickly an event having these kind of shorts with you is also a plus as well as that I have my main goal I’ll be wearing these are the mechanics impacts in play or eat an they’re good pair of gloves now as well as that of course we have my cooking equipment now I actually use a pretty retro and gas system and this little system here which the stand screws on to and you can just you can go to sit your tin on top with some boiling water and cook yourself some food pretty retros actually some of my dad when he was doing his Mountain Leader stuff years and years ago but it doesn’t fail you I’ve spared us there I have a little spare tour this is a really cheap head for years little I mean don’t even light up now but it’s it works sometimes as you try to grab some at wick inside your bag if you have a you know got anything else to hand of course you have a covering stuff this is just a little ole mess tin stuff I used to use now in here actually have an interestingly there’s a lot of bb’s in here interestingly I have this so this is a little foil band you can fill with water it holds a couple of liters of water because this is someone’s going to mention next water is key the last event I took the big 2-liter bottle I think I took eight bottles a nap for for just a three-day event because you cook with that you may even want to wash with that you need to drink that so having on what I’m water with you is key you can’t stress enough how much more you need to take these events so I took a last time I think and then I went through them all because as I said you’ll be using that for cooking as well now as well as other things like lighters this is a little backup piece of kit I take unless in case you lose your lighters or I do have some waterproof matches I have this which is just a simple sparking device which if you are trying to out the stove it’s nice and easy to do food-wise my only sample but happen to use at the moment of these cooking samples these are Wayfarer kind of ration pack things at the moment I’ve got pasta bolognese and meatballs and pasta now these are very very simple you rip a little tiny hole in them you sit them in there in the packet and let the water boil until it’s nice and hot and then you just eat them out a packet they taste good they’re relatively cheap about three pound each last time I took loads of these and only ate like two this wasn’t really that hungry I don’t know the chocolate even how many those things just give you sugar nice and quick took some energy and kind of yogurt things these energy bars try and cannot keep me on my feet if you do a bit more of a wholesome warm meal these things are quite good you can get these from a go outdoors and stuff and they are very quick and easy to make now as well as that finally here we have a small sample of my sleeping stuff this is a Four Seasons large sleeping bag now I also take a roll map so people take fold-out beds in all sorts I’m not too bad about that a little lot of camping in my time and sleeping on a concrete floor just a thin roll markers really doesn’t really bother me so I think a thin roll map and then just a four-season sleeping bag some events won’t allow you to have anything less than a four-season sleeping bag so you’re going to turn up with your little Argos sleeping bag they probably won’t allow it because it can get very very cold so make sure you’ve got a high quality sleeping bag you will not regret it when you try to get a good night’s sleep or just a few hours sleep in a very cold night so that about wraps up the videos pretty long one I want to try and cover as much as I could for you guys I hope that’s answered some of your questions about what kit to take what I take to a milsim if you have any further questions do leave them down in the comment section below and you do want to see more advice and kind of tips videos like these tutorials tell me down there as well if you did enjoy this video of course don’t forget to leave it a like but in the meantime guys and I’ll see you soon


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