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Milsim Airsoft Loadout

all right what’s going on youtube if your aunt legend killer here and I’m back with my updated milsim loadout as I told you guys during that unboxing video I’ve got a male sim game coming up here at the end of august so here’s the glow now i am going to be running for that game i’m gonna come closer to the camera we’re going to start with my head I’m gonna work my way into my chest then down to my legs and my feet so here we go my head here as you guys saw in the unboxing video I started with the emerson bj style fast helmet along with the matrix gen1 skull mesh mask so what I’ve done here is I’ve taken this mesh mask I have attached it to my helmet because with the ever since style helmet and most fast helmet they have special clips on the side here so are you gonna do take these clips and attach them to your mesh mask well those goggles just want to come off don’t they that’s all right we’ll work with it so as you can see here on the side there’s a little clip clips into the mask I’m taking it and I don’t use some electrical tape taped up the extra elastic bands that helmets a nice good fit that mask stays on nice and tight if I need to take it off to talk to my teammates or get a drink of water I knew that nice and easy and it stays right there my goggles would obviously stay on of course cuz you know safety words don’t take your goggles off in the field of play unless it’s absolutely necessary for an injury of some sort or otherwise stated also when I’m running that kit I’m also gonna have a hat with me just in case you know if I get hot I can take that off pop the hat on keep the goggles with me then it’s not so hot I’m happy on my head so I’m gonna back up move on to my chest as you guys can see I’m still running my uh desert marpat BTW use the colored has been really irritating me recently i don’t know why i wouldn’t have to work with it and figure it out I don’t want to back over here so we’re gonna actually moved to my gun I still have my ICS m4 cqb sport line here but I’m added a couple modifications to it so as you guys saw in the last video I bought that 90 lumen LED flashlight from aim sports costs about 15 16 bucks it was nice and cheap but it’s nice and bright I’ll be able to use that pretty well in those dark connections that we’re gonna be playing in also before my last CQB game up in American paintball Coliseum it’s down in denver colorado about this Lancer tactical red and green dockside this thing was about 90 bucks it was ahead to purchase but it was well worth it it’s got two sets of dots it’s got a red dot and a green dot obviously by the day but it’s got five different settings for each type so i can make it brighter or dimmer as I please a lot of the times I rent them out on about the three or four setting for each time depending on which one I want to use so it’s nice and simple nice and easy I’ve taken the pressure switch for that light and I’ve used some electrical tape taped it right on the magwell there because normally when I’m cited in with my gun I like to have my hand right on the magwell right there for quick and easy relos because I’ll just drop right out put the mag in my pouch pull second one in and put it right in nice and easy so moving on to my chest I’m gonna pop my gun off here there’s no need to hold that in the entire video I’ll set that right there move into my chest I still have my condor outdoor tactical vest here what I’ve done is I’ve taken my for phantom gear pouches put them on my right side with my Elite Force 140 brown mid caps all for a nice easy reload into my gun and then over on the other side I’ve got two more Phantom of your pouches one with a one of my CZ 45 round low cap magazines other than me for some extra realism I’ve got two of those and also at this game I’m allowed hi cat so what I’ve done is I’ve faced at the opposite way from all my other mags so I know which is which I’m here closer to my chance I’ve got condor outdoor pistol magazine pouches those are going to be four obviously my time t11 and then that cam light right here I drove it for one of the male weddings I’ve got it nice and easy right there so I can pull it out hold it up for all the other players to see so I don’t get shoved in dark God knows how many times they’ll be able to tell somewhere up in my gear upstairs I do have an elite force pull debt rag the way it works I’ll explain it to you guys since i don’t have it the way it works is it’s a red it’s one of the red dead rags it stuffed up in a nylon pouch it’s got one male strap on the back it’s got the basic strap has a pistol mag pouch does and then you hook it anywhere on a male ready space or you could attach to the back of the helmet which I might do or I don’t know where I’m gonna put a man to put it over up here on the d-ring but you pulled the elite force tab pulls the Dead ragout it stays attached to the nylon pouch so you can’t lose it stick it up on your head you’re all good to go so that’s my chest that’s my gun that’s my helmet now down onto my legs and my feet here on my right leg the only thing all my legs is my condor outdoor drop leg holster with my wee teck 1911 yes pull back pistol I’ve also got my third pistol magazine right there on the drop leg holster as well and unattached to my pistol is my pistol lanyard complain in these tight spaces who knows I might run into someone run into a chair a bed or a bookshelf or something it is a male same style game so it is the rooms are furnished as if it were an actual house of some sort so I don’t want to run into anything and drop that so I’ve got that pistol and you’re attached to a belt loop of mine also on my chest something I forgot somebody I’ve moved my dump pouch up into the left a little bit so it’s right there because I put that hydration carrier and that 7-inch utility pouch on my backside I’ve got the straw for that hydration pouch running up my back through the d-rings up here and then write to my mouth but that 7-inch utility pouch I put out my back for a reason the only time I’m really going to need to get extra bb’s or gas is if I’m dead or if we’re in a dead spot during the firefight say we eliminate all of the enemies ahead of us and there’s nothing like to do and we’re just sitting around waiting for more to come because I am a part of the defendant hold platoon know there’s going to be a lot of downtime for us so there may be times where I can turn to a teammate say hey you might hate me in the bebes out of my utility pouch or you might handed me a battery in my screwdriver out of there so I can switch it up there’s going to be a lot of times where it’s he making these e to cover for me if not i can easily take my best off grab up myself or i can even reach back feel around in there grab it because it is nice a little i can reach a myself so that’s my legs that’s my back that’s what chest and down here on my feet I’ve got the rothko size 11 tactical boots they are nice and comfortable they do have a hard to– it’s not a steel toe it is nice and stiff so if I kick anything it won’t hurt my toes that’s pretty much why Belson blood on I’ve gone crazy milsim for this I’m surprised at how well I have portrayed a milsim Lhota I’m loving it a lot I wish I had a play carrier but I didn’t really invest one to begin with and I didn’t feeling by one I like the vest because the straps are nice and wide so it takes some loan off the inner parts of my shoulders it kind of spreads it out but also play carriers aren’t really for me cuz I wouldn’t run the plate anyway so it’s kind of pointless so who bless me guys sorry about that you know I like to vest a lot I like to drop leg I love the helmet I haven’t used it yet but just the feel of it amazing I’m glad I did that Matt ification hopefully those goggles staying well hopefully that like works well hopefully you guys like the channel like this video comment subscribe do whatever you want it takes a few seconds out of your day I know I hate doing it too but I do it anyways this is the legend killer hopefully you guys enjoyed the pathway to Colorado it’s like hopefully you guys come back check out my other contents it’s going to be caught up throughout the year until I leave next year for basic combat training yes i am going into the united states army didn’t tell you guys about that but i thought it’d be a good time to do it now so again guys come on back check out the Batman a Colorado there’s a legend killer and I will talk to you guys later


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